2017 Photography Challenge: 52 Subjects to Photograph

Need help thinking of a great New Year’s resolution? We got you covered with this Photography Challenge. To finish the challenge, you have to photograph 52 specific subjects in 2017. Taking on this challenge can be a simple way to push your creativity and expand your photography portfolio and skills in the new year. It’s like Project 365, but set up to take one photo per week. A 52 week photography challenge allows you to put more planning and creativity into each image, without disrupting the full-time schedule you might already have outside of photography.

Download our printable list and check off the subjects as you go. The order of the subjects doesn’t matter, just get the list done by the end of the year.

You may see that only 50 are on the list, but the last topic is a series of 3 images/subjects used to create a triptych.

Post your pictures in our Flickr group, tag @thephotoargus on Instagram, or share them with us on Twitter and we’ll repost our favorite shots.

Click the image below for a printable PDF.

TPA Photography Challenge

For inspiration, check out the following images for each subject, chosen from our Flickr group.


Above or below, day or night, sunrise or sunset. A perfect cloud can happen anytime, anywhere.

Philippe ABOULIN – Clouds

A Beautiful Landscape

Open fields, desert canyons, dark forests, and towering mountains are just a few examples of landscapes that can be stunning. Take a road trip and discover a landscape you’ll never forget.

Ken Browne – Sunrise over a poppy field near Wherwell, Hampshire.
Sunrise over a poppy field near Wherwell, Hampshire.

Somehing in Your Kitchen

This could be an appliance, the sink, or even the messy crumbs around the toaster. Whatever catches your eye.

Yane Naumoski – Golden Flakes
Yane Naumoski - Golden Flakes


Flowers are one of the most frequently photographed subjects, and yet they still draw attention. You don’t need to reinvent the standard flower picture; you can simply focus on capturing a flower you think looks especially beautiful.

jordan parks – untitled
jordan parks - tulips

A Baby or Toddler

If you’re usually out roaming on barren landscapes, consider this an opportunity to channel your inner newborn photographer.

jordan parks – finnegan
newborn portrait jordan parks

Coffee or Tea

A cup of coffee or tea may be such a common part of your life that you’ve never photographed it before. Or maybe you’ve photographed it so often that the challenge here will be discovering a fresh perspective.

jordan parks – the burp and slap method
cup of coffee

Something Weird

You can create all kinds of weird photos using programs like Photoshop, but you can also find plenty of weirdness ready-made in the world.

Handy Andy Pandy – 17/365: Andy is Lemon
lemon head

A Sunrise

Half the challenge of this one might be getting up early enough to see the sunrise. Or, if that’s a step too far, you can stay up all night instead.

Greg David – This morning
Greg David sunrise

Your Favorite Fruit or Vegetable

Some are more photogenic than others, but with a little creativity, you can make any fruit or veggie look good.

Julie Rideout – Grapefruit
Julie Rideout - Grapefruit

Something You Think is Boring

Turning it into a photography subject might make it more interesting.

Francisco Villalobos – White Pages
Francisco Villalobos - White Pages

A Cat or Kitten

Maybe it’ll go viral.

Silvio Prahl – Bruno
Silvio Prahl - cat closeup

A Dog or Puppy

Though not as famous as Internet cats, dogs can be just as fun to photograph (if not more fun).

Greig Reid – Ziggy 27 weeks old
dog portrait

Someone You Love

Children, family, lovers, friends, or even yourself.

jordan parks – finn and winnie
baby winnie the pooh

A Stranger

Go out and meet someone! Or, if you’re too shy, a distant silhouette could also work.

Danny Santos – Stranger #7
Danny Santos - stranger portrait

Something That Makes You Feel Nostalgic

It could be a toy from your childhood, a place you used to go on vacation, or even a set of pictures you took last year.

Carsten Osterwald – Flight To The Sun
Carsten Osterwald - swing carousel

A Beach

This is just an excuse to go out walking on the beach.

Elizme – ~ Dreamscape ~

A Family

It doesn’t have to be your family, or even a human family. A duck with ducklings could count, too.

Amine Fassi – WilPrZ Family :)
Amine Fassi - family

A Rainy Day

From umbrellas to rain drops, the worst weather can inspire the best photos.

Konstantinos B – Sunday Morning
Konstantinos Rainy Day

An Empty Road

A classic.

R Casey – the brief moment of color
empty road autumn


Go out and find an interesting book store, or stay home and cozy up with a pile of books and your camera.

Cat – taking a journey through words
old bookstore


Whether your camera gear counts is up to you.

pixlilli – Love !!!
dinosaur toy love

A Skyscraper

You could get your first awesome cityscape, or if you’re an experienced urban photographer, try visiting another city to get a fresh set of skyscrapers to photograph.

Lidija Bondarenko – New Building on Park Ave-56 st
Lidija Bondarenko skyscraper

The Night Sky

Read these tips to get started.

Marco Romani – Northern Magic
Marco Romani northern lights

A Meal You’ve Made

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Pablo Reinsch – 0 % cholesterol…
Pablo Reinsch sausage dinner

An Insect

If spiders are beyond your comfort level, there are always butterflies.

Alex Greenshpun – Take to the Sky
Alex Greenshpun ladybug flying

Negative Space

Effectively using negative space (or white space) can really make your photos stand out. It’s a fun technique to experiment with, too. Sand dunes are a great place to start, but you can use negative space with almost any subject.

Alex Greenshpun – Love Letters from the Rain
Alex Greenshpun black and white leaf

A Bicycle

Even old, rusty bicycles have a kind of beauty, if only for their silhouettes.

Iordanis Keramidas – daydream…
Iordanis Keramidas bicycle

Beautiful Architecture

Classic or bizarre, newly built or falling apart, there’s a wide range of what people call beautiful with architecture. Find a building you love, and get an awesome photo of it.

Ximo Michavila – CPH Architecture #34
Ximo Michavila window modern architecture

A Tree or Leaf

Go big or go small–either way can be striking.

James Drury – tree
James Drury tree black and white

A Reflection

Some places to look: a lake, puddle, mirror, window, fountain…

Zed The Dragon – Paris, La Pyramide du Louvre
Paris, La Pyramide du Louvre

Something That Makes You Laugh

You might want to use a tripod to keep the camera steady as you’re shooting.

Sarah Bourque – Goofy Walter at the beach
Sarah Bourque - Goofy dog at the beach

A Dress

If you’re stumped, try adding wind or water.

Berit Alits – 2014
jumping white dress


You can experiment with time-lapses, or head to a parking lot to discover an interesting composition.

Dennis – Speed of Light
time-lapse London traffic

Something You’ve Never Photographed

You could make this a quick snapshot or plan an entire trip around it, going somewhere you’ve never been to get this one picture.

ilirjan rrumbullaku – A Quiet Morning in Paris
ilirjan rrumbullaku - Morning Paris Eiffel Tower

A Wild Animal

It could be as simple as a bird outside your window or as difficult as a fox you spot in a field.

Nate Hughes – Bull moose in the mist IV
Nate Hughes - Bull moose in the mist

A Close-Up of a Face

It doesn’t have to be a person.

Anuma Bhattarai – My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected
Anuma Bhattarai - snail

A Panorama

If you’re using a smartphone, check out the apps out there for creating panoramas.

Darren Pettit – Fortress Hohensalzburg
Darren Pettit - Fortress Hohensalzburg

A Candid Moment

If you struggle with making yourself invisible enough to get candid shots, check out these tips for getting candid photos.

Fabio Boer – They Are Watching Us
candid picture museum

A Sunbeam

Windows are a good place to look, but you can also find sunbeams outdoors on a cloudy day or breaking through the leaves of a dense forest.

James Drury – still life
James Drury - still life

A Sport You Enjoy

If you don’t like popular sports like football, think outside the box to competitions like dancing or “mind sports” like poker.

Matthew Coughlin – 117/365 Billy Baller
Matthew Coughlin Basketball

Something You Fear

Possibly going back to insects…

Nicho Gustav – Spider
Nicho Gustav - Spider

A Hand

Holding something or not.

Greig Reid – Pine Tree Cones
Greig Reid - Pine Tree Cones

A Long-Exposure

Shoot a small stream, the waves on a beach, traffic on a highway, or stars moving through the sky, for a few ideas.

Nimit Nigam – Pangong Lake Starry Night…
Pangong Lake Starry Night time lapse


You could go birdwatching and find a pair of gorgeous eagles, or stick with the birds in your neighborhood. Pigeons can be cool, too.

Yane Naumoski – Angry Bird
Yane Naumoski Angry Bird Pigeon

The Golden Hour

Whenever you need a photography ego boost, the golden hour is there for you.

Federica Giordano – into the w i l d
golden hour field

An Action Shot

Whether it’s a person jumping or a squirrel running across a field, getting a perfect action shot can be a huge rush.

Jeremy Lusk – I Can’t Quite See Up Your Swimsuit, Which Is Good Because If I Could It Would Ruin An Otherwise Awesome Photo
back flip into water


On or off.

norenkay – 131/365 – Tots n’ Heels
toddler in high heels

Something You’ve Photographed Before

It can be done differently, like Vincent Van Gogh’s wheat fields, only with you and a camera instead of paint.

Federica Giordano – What’s my age again?
birthday cake

A Self-Portrait

Go as crazy as you want.

Stephen Humpleby – Flour
baking cookies

A Series of Three Related Photos

Create a triptych. It can be three related photos taken over the course of a couple weeks or the year for different seasons, time of day, before/during/after, or another interesting topic that has a clear theme.

Erik Beck – Triptych
Erik Beck - Triptych