Creating a Sparkling Fairy Dust Scene in Photoshop

Have you ever stared in wonder at a magical fairyland image and wondered how the “magic” was created? How the pocket of light magically enveloped the subject, or how the sparkling fairy dust seemed to trail perfectly from the fairy wings? Fairy Dust Photoshop Tutorial Surely this can all be done in post-processing right? The answer is, absolutely yes! Let’s face it, … [Read more...]

Focus Stacking Tutorial: Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow

Mark Denney is a landscape photographer based out of North Carolina who also runs a YouTube channel covering Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials along with landscape photography focused gear reviews. One of his recent video topics is a tutorial on focus stacking, a post processing technique that enables you to create maximum depth of field within a photo without suffering from a … [Read more...]

75+ Helpful Fall Photography Tips

Fall (Autumn) is a favorite time of year for many photographers. The colors are spectacular, cloudy days still bring great photo opportunities, and the changing of the season brings out new photo ideas that may have been lingering all year long. The peak fall colors don't last long though so being prepared with your equipment, knowledge, and where you want to shoot is important … [Read more...]

Beautiful Pet Images and Photography Tips from Sarah Bourque

Sarah Bourque is an award-winning pet photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia who provides fun photo shoots of furry friends that aren't posed in a studio, but out where a pet is doing what they do best. Bourque's images are beautiful and authentic, and her passion for photography and animals is reflected in her work. Prior to focusing on photography full-time, … [Read more...]

New York City Images and Street Photography Tips from Joerg Schubert

Joerg Schubert, an amateur photographer from Germany, has been into photography his whole life, starting with his dad teaching him how to develop film. In recent years Schubert has gotten a little more serious about taking more pictures and has gravitated towards street photography, Fuji cameras, and wide angles. He recently took a trip to New York City, so we asked him to … [Read more...]

Travel Photography Tips To Prepare You For Your Journey

Travel photography is favored by many different photographers because it gives them the chance to extend their skills and abilities to photograph in a variety of different situations while exploring new places. Digital photography has made taking images while traveling even easier than ever before. Before you can even begin to learn how to take the best pictures while on … [Read more...]

9 Photography Habits to Quit in the New Year

Before thinking about what new photography projects and habits you can start in the next year, it can be useful to consider breaking a few habits that are holding you back instead. Perfecting your craft is just as much a process of elimination as addition. Just like you can only get fit by both going to the gym and not eating junk food, you can only improve your photography by … [Read more...]

A Basic Guide to the Exposure Triangle

The exposure triangle is a way to understand the three elements that determine a photo's exposure. These three elements are ISO, aperture and shutter speed, which together result in a subject's exposure value (EV). If you're a new photographer and/or need a quick review of what these elements are, here's a crash course. ISO The ISO rating is an international standard that … [Read more...]

How to Get Great Children’s Portraits During Playtime

Children are both photogenic and notoriously difficult to photograph. They can be shy or behave differently than usual, making portraits seem 'set up' or inauthentic. Getting a great candid shot can be challenging, but if you succeed, that photo could be treasured for years. One way to make children's photo shoots more fun and natural is to combine it with playtime. The goal … [Read more...]

How to Control the Depth of Field

Several factors determine the "look" of your photos. Composition is the most obvious factor, but camera focus and depth of field are also very important. They can change the entire atmosphere and emphasis of the photo. For example, you can keep everything in a photo sharp, like a flat wall, or you can draw attention to a specific subject, like a bottle on the grass. You … [Read more...]