Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Photos for Printing

As an owner of a print lab we see the most common mistakes people make when submitting their files for printing. Even the most experienced photographer can submit a file that will not yield the best printing results due to a small oversight that can have a large impact the way the print turns out. […]

30 Fantastic Examples of Underwater Photography

If you’re looking for a new challenge, try underwater photography. Underwater shots can look stunning, but they’re also difficult to pull off. Since water can totally change the way light and color appear in a photo, it forces you to rethink your usual techniques and compositions. If you’re disappointed by your first few tries, here […]

30 Beautiful Examples of Wedding Photography

Standing out as a wedding photographer can be difficult. The wedding photography industry is notoriously competitive, as well as grueling. Shooting a wedding can be intense, with long hours and a lot of pressure to get things right. But the payoff can be incredibly rewarding. If you can survive the stress and come out with […]

Quick Tips For Traveling With Your Photography Gear

Buying a good camera, lens, and other essential photography gear usually takes a lot of research, saving, and dedication to photography. It’s a lot of work, making sure the equipment you purchase is exactly what you need to fuel this wonderful hobby. Not everyone needs the latest gear or has a budget to replace their […]

42 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Extreme Weather

Extreme weather is often destructive, but it can also be breathtakingly beautiful. This monstrous beauty is powerful enough to draw people–and especially photographers–out of their homes and into the storm. Instead of cozying up inside, they endure strong winds, heavy rain, and dangerous conditions just to get an incredible shot. Big storms and other extreme […]

Southeast Asia Photography and Travel Tips

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular destinations for photographers to combine their hunger for adventure and great photographs. The locations are usually very budget-friendly, the people are very welcoming, and the locations, from the cities to nature, hold many unique surprises that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world. To not be […]

10 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of the more challenging genres in photography. So many things have to go right to capture a truly unique image, and often the photographer has no control over over those things. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, the feeling is very rewarding. Here are a few simple tips […]

Bike Photography: Ideas and Tips for Cycling with Your Camera Gear

As a photographer we all have problems relating to the traveling with camera gear. Is it light enough? Compact enough? Do I need this? What about that lens? And the list goes on and on. I am presented almost daily with this challenge, but on a new level! I am a cycling photographer, “and….?” I […]

5 Ways To Be A More Creative Photographer In The New Year

Staying creative and innovative can be a challenge when you’ve been in photography for a while. At some point, you may get the feeling that you’ve taken every possible photo and that there’s no reason to keep going. Because you’ve stopped growing creatively, you’re at risk of losing your passion for your job or hobby. […]

Helpful Tips for Shooting in the Snow

When snow begins to fall, you might not think that now is a phenomenal time to break out your camera and take photographs. But it is. The snow, like the rain, can give you unique scenes and beautiful subjects to photograph. However, snow also comes with some challenges. Your photos can end up colorless and […]

Creating a Sparkling Fairy Dust Scene in Photoshop

Have you ever stared in wonder at a magical fairyland image and wondered how the “magic” was created? How the pocket of light magically enveloped the subject, or how the sparkling fairy dust seemed to trail perfectly from the fairy wings? Fairy Dust Photoshop Tutorial Surely this can all be done in post-processing right? The […]

Focus Stacking Tutorial: Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow

Mark Denney is a landscape photographer based out of North Carolina who also runs a YouTube channel covering Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials along with landscape photography focused gear reviews. One of his recent video topics is a tutorial on focus stacking, a post processing technique that enables you to create maximum depth of field within […]