32 Outstanding Examples of Portrait Photography For Your Inspiration

The portrait is a classic photograph designed to capture the person. Typically it is face on, but the person doesn’t necessarily have to be focused on the camera. The subject can be distracted by something in the distance or daydreaming. They can be serious or sassy, colorful or black and white. Portraits come in many shapes and sizes. Here’s a collection of 32 portraits, each with its own unique style.

20 Outstanding Examples of Travel Photography

Travel photography is a lot like photojournalism, only instead of documenting an event or story, you’re documenting your own travel experiences. Your trip becomes the “story” you’re photographing. Depending on your trip, you might be photographing wild animals and rugged landscapes, or the nightlife and architecture of a major city. Travel photography crosses all genres, […]

Gear Acquisition Syndrome: What’s in a Professional Landscape Photographer’s Camera Bag?

Mark Denney is a professional landscape photographer based in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Like a lot of dedicated photographers, he suffers from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, also known as GAS. As a result, his camera bag is full of awesome equipment. He’s also a big fan of gear reviews, including the increasingly popular “What’s in My Bag?” […]

40 Inspiring Sunrise Pictures

Sunsets and sunrises are both gorgeous for photography, but they’re not entirely the same. While they look similar, they have key differences that can change the color and mood of photos. One of the main differences is the color temperature of the light. Sunrises tend to be cooler, while sunsets are warmer. This difference is […]

35 Helpful Photoshop Post-Processing and Photo Editing Tutorials (Part 2)

Photoshop can be an immensely useful tool for professional photographers, especially in portrait and wedding photography. It allows you to tweak the details of a photo to make a scene or portrait even more beautiful. Part 1 of this series listed a good range of tutorials for Photoshop effects, which alter the overall atmosphere of […]

40 Cool Photoshop Effects Tutorials (Part 1)

Photoshop offers unlimited potential to photographers for editing and retouching photos. However, the downside to Photoshop is that its wealth of tools and functions can make it quite challenging to master. Even if you have been using Photoshop for years and have access to many cool photoshop effects, there are almost certainly things you can […]

50 Incredible Examples of HDR Photography

A lot of photographers cringe when they see the phrase “HDR Photography.” The technique has a bad reputation for making photos look over-processed and unnatural. And, to some extent, that reputation is well-deserved. Many HDR photos do look overdone, but that doesn’t mean the technique is entirely worthless. HDR can also look beautiful in particular […]

3 Useful Portable LED Lights for Photography and Video

Most photographers rely on flashes and studio lights for artificial lighting. Both have advantages–one is portable, while the other provides continuous lighting–but neither is perfect, either. If you often struggle with the limitations of flashes or studio lighting, you might be interested in the newest type of lighting: portable LED lights. Portable LED lights give […]

Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Photos for Printing

As an owner of a print lab we see the most common mistakes people make when submitting their files for printing. Even the most experienced photographer can submit a file that will not yield the best printing results due to a small oversight that can have a large impact the way the print turns out. […]

30+ Awesome Examples of Summertime Photography

Every season has opportunities for capturing amazing photos, but summer is especially full of possibilities. Relaxed sunny days on the beach, kids playing at a pool or fountain, fireflies flickering on long summer nights… These are not only beautiful moments and memories. They’re also great times for photographing life at its best. Summer is often […]

30 Fantastic Examples of Underwater Photography

If you’re looking for a new challenge, try underwater photography. Underwater shots can look stunning, but they’re also difficult to pull off. Since water can totally change the way light and color appear in a photo, it forces you to rethink your usual techniques and compositions. If you’re disappointed by your first few tries, here […]