40 Splendid Examples of Candid Photography

Candid photography shows life as it really is. Unlike posed portraits, which are carefully planned and crafted to look perfect, candid shots are spontaneous and genuine. For candid photos, authenticity is more important than perfection. This authentic look isn't always easy to capture, though. People are quick to notice a photographer and change their behavior. To get a … [Read more...]

A Wedding Worth Photographing for Free on 24-Hour Notice

One Sunday night in March, Wendy Teal, a photographer based in the Niagara region, was alerted by friends to a Facebook post. It was a groom hoping to find someone to shoot a wedding at the last minute. Looking for a photographer to do a small wedding ceremony in Fort Erie, Ontario. My fiancé’s mom has become very ill and we have arranged to be married at the Douglas … [Read more...]

Women of Rural India: A Photographic Essay by Paul Dyer (Handheld Films)

Paul Dyer is a UK based photographer who first worked in advertising as a writer and creative director, but as digital photography became more mainstream, he began focusing on telling stories with his photos - as Paul's interests in travel, people, and street photography was a natural fit for him as a documentary travel photographer. With his main photographic interests … [Read more...]

Southeast Asia Photography and Travel Tips

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular destinations for photographers to combine their hunger for adventure and great photographs. The locations are usually very budget-friendly, the people are very welcoming, and the locations, from the cities to nature, hold many unique surprises that you won't experience anywhere else in the world. To not be overwhelmed by all the … [Read more...]

32 Great Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography can be addictive. It makes everyday scenes look otherworldly, like snapshots from a dream. And yet, all you've done is leave the shutter open for longer. Getting great long exposures doesn't require any special expertise. If you have a tripod, a remote shutter release (or cable release), and a camera with bulb mode, you're well on your way to taking … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of the more challenging genres in photography. So many things have to go right to capture a truly unique image, and often the photographer has no control over over those things. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, the feeling is very rewarding. Here are a few simple tips to help improve your wildlife photography. All images by Grant … [Read more...]

40 Inspiring Examples of Blue Hour Photography

While most photographers know about the Golden Hour, there's another time of day that's equally incredible but less familiar: the Blue Hour. As its name implies, the Blue Hour is a special time when the sky has a vivid blue/purple hue. The natural lighting is dim enough to bring out the darkness, yet light enough to avoid using flash. This fantastic overcast lighting gives … [Read more...]

Children’s Portraits by Kim Anderson (Bertram Bahner)

Children’s portraits by Kim Anderson are famous for their sweet innocence and nostalgia. They capture moments of childhood in black and white with details hand-painted in color. This mixture of young and old, little children with old-fashioned photography, has made Kim Anderson a well-known name. Kim Anderson isn’t the name of a photographer, though. It’s a pseudonym that … [Read more...]

40 Outstanding Golden Hour Photos for Your Inspiration

The "Golden Hour" is a unique time just after sunrise and just before sunset when light is especially beautiful. The angle of the sun creates strong shadows and brings out textures that are not always visible during the day. The light is also softer and more even, like a natural softbox. The Golden Hour can completely transform a scene, landscape, or portrait. Images created … [Read more...]

30 Adorable Examples of Baby Photography

Newborn and baby photography has become a booming industry with all kinds of props, outfits, and gear for photographers to use. Although some of these accessories can be useful, the photographer is still the most important factor for getting great baby photos. The photographer's experience, forethought, and planning are all essential for a successful baby photo shoot. While … [Read more...]