10 Professional Outdoor Photographers Share Their Photography Advice

A successful outdoor photographer has many years of experience of learning their photography techniques and style that leads to their work being elevated to the next level of becoming a professional. Whether their focus is finding beautiful landscape compositions in unique places or hanging off a wall in Yosemite taking photos of world-class climbers, success and great images … [Read more...]

30 Yummy Examples of Food Photography to Make Your Mouth Water

Food photography has exploded in the past decade, partly thanks to the rise of social media and smartphones. Unlike twenty or thirty years ago, it's now easy to "share" a meal with friends--or, at least, share what the meal looks like. Whether you're excited about trying something new or proud of something you've made, a food photo communicates more than just the dish … [Read more...]

5 Great Kitchen Photography Ideas

You don't have to travel far to find subjects worth photographing. Your kitchen is a perfect example. There are an incredible number of photography subjects in your cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator, just waiting to be discovered. Fruits, vegetables, cutlery, drinks, and whatever you're making for dinner are all great subjects for practicing your photography skills. The … [Read more...]

60 Breathtaking Fall Images For Your Inspiration

Fall is a dream season for photographers. It's the time when nature explodes with color and misty mornings are whispering "Hey look at me, wouldn't I make just the most amazing photograph?" The changing leaves and weather conditions can create beautiful scenes out of ordinary landscapes. Taking fall images can also be much more enjoyable with less people you have to rub … [Read more...]

Beautiful Pictures of Earth from Space

The Earth is a beautiful, dynamic "blue marble" and satellites like NOAA's GOES-13 captures images of it multiple times a day. Here we've collected a few beautiful pictures of Earth from space, photos that most of us can only dream about taking. But with continued interest in NASA and privately funded programs, advances in space exploration and travel could make that dream a … [Read more...]

Havasu Falls Photos: Grand Canyon Oasis in the Desert

Havasu Falls is one of the great, not-so-secret spots of the Grand Canyon. Located on the Havasupai Indian reservation adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park, Havasu Falls is truly an oasis in the desert. The turquoise waters attract photographers from all over looking to juxtapose the cool, blue waters against the warm, red canyon. Despite its popularity, these waterfalls are … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Camera Posters that Celebrate Nikon’s 100 Year Anniversary

To celebrate Nikon's 100 year anniversary, 10 limited edition 19.5" X 19.5" posters have been released on Level.Press, each featuring one of Nikon's iconic cameras. Just 100 first edition prints are available per design, each printed on on archival fine paper, framed and matted, hand-numbered, and embossed with a special seal. All orders will be shipped after July 25, 2017, … [Read more...]

40 Beautiful Examples of Cloudscape Photography

Clouds are a timeless photography subject. They're beautiful and constantly changing, giving photographers fresh inspiration every hour. They make great backgrounds, too. Depending on the weather or time of day, you can use clouds to evoke all kinds of emotions, from grief to bliss. For these reasons, we decided to include clouds in our 2017 Photography Challenge. In the few … [Read more...]

22 Delightful Santa Monica Pier Pictures

The Santa Monica Pier has been enjoyed by visitors and residents for over 100 years. Pacific Park, the local amusement park, is one of the main attractions there, featuring a Ferris wheel, carousel, and many other activities that entertain and delight its guests. The park along with restaurants, shops, and a variety of shows and concerts throughout the warmer months makes Santa … [Read more...]

49 Stunning Yosemite Valley Photos

Yosemite is one of the most visited National Parks in the United States, and a look from the often photographed Tunnel View will tell you why. The expansive Valley features beautiful granite walls, forests and waterfalls, and a variety of hikes that lead to stunning views. Whether you snag a permit to climb Half Dome or spend your time relaxing in El Capitan Meadow looking up … [Read more...]