30+ Awesome Examples of Summertime Photography

Every season has opportunities for capturing amazing photos, but summer is especially full of possibilities. Relaxed sunny days on the beach, kids playing at a pool or fountain, fireflies flickering on long summer nights… These are not only beautiful moments and memories. They’re also great times for photographing life at its best. Summer is often […]

30 Fantastic Examples of Underwater Photography

If you’re looking for a new challenge, try underwater photography. Underwater shots can look stunning, but they’re also difficult to pull off. Since water can totally change the way light and color appear in a photo, it forces you to rethink your usual techniques and compositions. If you’re disappointed by your first few tries, here […]

99 Inspirational Photography Quotes

Staying motivated and inspired is crucial for a photographer’s long-term growth. It’s far more important than having good gear or perfect lighting. After all, if you feel unmotivated, your expensive equipment will lie untouched, collecting dust while you make excuses for why you’re not shooting any photos today. When you’re inspired, you push yourself to […]

30 Beautiful Examples of Wedding Photography

Standing out as a wedding photographer can be difficult. The wedding photography industry is notoriously competitive, as well as grueling. Shooting a wedding can be intense, with long hours and a lot of pressure to get things right. But the payoff can be incredibly rewarding. If you can survive the stress and come out with […]

Tree Photography Inspiration: 39 Beautiful Examples

Trees are a classic photography subject. Besides being beautiful, they work great in a wide range of moods, conditions, and genres. They’re photogenic in all kinds of weather, from heavy snow to scorching heat, and they work great as the background, foreground, or sole subject of a photo. They have texture, color, and basically everything […]

30 Creative Self-Portrait Photography Examples to Get Inspired

Thanks to social media, self-portraiture has become one of the most common types of photography. Nearly everyone has taken a ‘selfie’ at some point, from high schoolers to astronauts. It’s become so ordinary that you could overlook it as a worthwhile and challenging photography genre. But in fact, self-portraiture can be incredibly challenging for two […]

42 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Extreme Weather

Extreme weather is often destructive, but it can also be breathtakingly beautiful. This monstrous beauty is powerful enough to draw people–and especially photographers–out of their homes and into the storm. Instead of cozying up inside, they endure strong winds, heavy rain, and dangerous conditions just to get an incredible shot. Big storms and other extreme […]

40 Splendid Examples of Candid Photography

Candid photography shows life as it really is. Unlike posed portraits, which are carefully planned and crafted to look perfect, candid shots are spontaneous and genuine. For candid photos, authenticity is more important than perfection. This authentic look isn’t always easy to capture, though. People are quick to notice a photographer and change their behavior. […]

A Wedding Worth Photographing for Free on 24-Hour Notice

One Sunday night in March, Wendy Teal, a photographer based in the Niagara region, was alerted by friends to a Facebook post. It was a groom hoping to find someone to shoot a wedding at the last minute. Looking for a photographer to do a small wedding ceremony in Fort Erie, Ontario. My fiancé’s mom […]

32 Great Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography can be addictive. It makes everyday scenes look otherworldly, like snapshots from a dream. And yet, all you’ve done is leave the shutter open for longer. Getting great long exposures doesn’t require any special expertise. If you have a tripod, a remote shutter release (or cable release), and a camera with bulb […]

40 Inspiring Examples of Blue Hour Photography

While many of you photographers have heard of the golden hours – that short time immediately after sunrise and before sunset where the light is incredible for photography – there is another time that creates a surreal environment with natural light.

40 Outstanding Golden Hour Photos for Your Inspiration

The “Golden Hour” is a unique time just after sunrise and just before sunset when light is especially beautiful. The angle of the sun creates strong shadows and brings out textures that are not always visible during the day. The light is also softer and more even, like a natural softbox. The Golden Hour can […]