Clakit Strap Packs: Secure Storage Attached to Backpacks for Phones, Passports, and More

Clakit is a company that has created a product that transforms backpack straps into easily accessible, secure storage. For photographers who are used to carrying around their gear in a backpack and want to keep their smartphone or documents in a convenient location while traveling, these pouches are something to consider trying out. The Strap Pack is a pouch for phones, … [Read more...]

Hurricane Maria: Before and After Night Satellite Images of Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico hard last week, leaving behind it a path of destruction including extensive power outages throughout the island, lack of clean water and mobile phone service, and extensive damage to roads and buildings that will take years to repair. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released before and after night satellite images … [Read more...]

Focus Stacking Tutorial: Photoshop and Lightroom Workflow

Mark Denney is a landscape photographer based out of North Carolina who also runs a YouTube channel covering Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials along with landscape photography focused gear reviews. One of his recent video topics is a tutorial on focus stacking, a post processing technique that enables you to create maximum depth of field within a photo without suffering from a … [Read more...]

Creative Photoshop Actions, Light Leaks, and Textures by Forefathers

A lot of photographers will say they spend more time in front of their computers editing instead of taking pictures out in the field. It can take years of practice to develop a solid editing workflow and a creative style that may be used for the life of someone's photography career. Lightroom and Photoshop are two of the most popular software programs photographers use to edit … [Read more...]

75+ Helpful Fall Photography Tips

Fall (Autumn) is a favorite time of year for many photographers. The colors are spectacular, cloudy days still bring great photo opportunities, and the changing of the season brings out new photo ideas that may have been lingering all year long. The peak fall colors don't last long though so being prepared with your equipment, knowledge, and where you want to shoot is important … [Read more...]

60 Breathtaking Fall Images For Your Inspiration

Fall is a dream season for photographers. It's the time when nature explodes with color and misty mornings are whispering "Hey look at me, wouldn't I make just the most amazing photograph?" The changing leaves and weather conditions can create beautiful scenes out of ordinary landscapes. Taking fall images can also be much more enjoyable with less people you have to rub … [Read more...]

Transferring Photos To Wood: 7 Helpful DIY Projects

Transferring your photos to wood is a wonderful way to add a rustic element to your prints, and it's a great way to preserve your memories in a way that will last for years. Whether you're personalizing a room in your home, looking for the perfect gift, or just want to do a hands on project, these helpful resources will make for a great afternoon activity. Paging Fun Mums - … [Read more...]

10 Places in Chicago to Take Pictures

Chicago, also known as The Windy City, is a gorgeous multicultural city that's one of the largest in the United States. Famous for it’s outstanding architecture, Chicago’s skyline is beautiful with it’s prominent skyscrapers along Lake Michigan. But the city offers more than just incredible buildings. It’s filled with plenty of parks, museums, beaches, street art, the Chicago … [Read more...]

Scott Firestone: Chicago Street Photographer

Scott Firestone is a hobby photographer from Chicago who was recently selected as a finalist in the 2017 EyeEm Photography Awards, the largest photo contest in the world. We asked Scott to share a few words about his photography and the city he loves to photograph. Give us a little insight into your photography background? I'm a 37 year old hobbyist that started taking … [Read more...]

Creative DIY Ways to Display Your Photos

Your photos don't have to sit on your computer or behind an expensive frame, as there are so many cool and DIY ways to display images. Putting some creative thought into how you hang your pictures throughout your living space highlights great memories and photography in a unique way. We all love taking photos, so grab some friends and personalize your space with your very … [Read more...]