5 Great Kitchen Photography Ideas

You don't have to travel far to find subjects worth photographing. Your kitchen is a perfect example. There are an incredible number of photography subjects in your cabinets, drawers, and refrigerator, just waiting to be discovered. Fruits, vegetables, cutlery, drinks, and whatever you're making for dinner are all great subjects for practicing your photography skills. The … [Read more...]

Straps for Smartphones

You don't see smartphone straps often, but they're a good idea if you regularly take photos with your cell phone. Even if you have the cheapest phone on the market, you're recording memories and moments that are worth protecting. Fortunately, most cell phone straps are cheap. You don't need to invest much to have a reliable safeguard against accidents. Here are some of the … [Read more...]

Camera Sling Straps, Two-Camera Harnesses, Camera Holsters and Vests

As prevalent as neck straps are, they don't work for all photographers. They can get in the way or cause neck pain, especially if your camera is heavy. If you're getting a sore neck from your strap, you can look at hand, wrist, and finger straps (see Part 1) or try out the following options for your shoulders and hips. The Best Camera Straps Guide is a 4-part series … [Read more...]

Camera Neck Straps: Quality, Comfort, and Design

In Part 1, we mentioned how you should get to know your camera before buying an expensive strap. Otherwise, you might find out that you prefer carrying your camera in a different way. For example, if you get a hand strap, you could end up wanting a sling strap instead. There's one exception to this general rule: fashion. If you're buying a new strap mainly because you hate … [Read more...]

The Best Camera Straps Guide: Wrist, Hand, and Finger Straps

Looking for a new camera strap can quickly turn into a time-consuming affair. The search can last days as you debate between the different choices. Whatever your reason for needing a new strap--whether for professional work or simply for fashion--you can end up getting bogged down by all the options. That's why we've created this useful guide for choosing a camera strap. … [Read more...]

Pictures of the Alps: Beautiful Photography by Roberto Bertero

Roberto Bertero says his love of photography is just a personal excuse to spend more time in the mountains, capturing landscapes that will never appear same and paying tribute to places that display a magnificence that is hard to capture fully with his photography equipment. His personal, endless journey exploring familiar and new locations, and his patience and dedication in … [Read more...]

42 Unique Gifts for Photographers

Gift shopping for birthdays and holidays can be a joy or a burden, depending on who you're shopping for. It can be especially difficult to shop for someone who already has everything, or who doesn't say what they want. Fortunately, if that person is a photographer, there's always something awesome you can get. Here's a list of 42 unique gifts for photographers, organized … [Read more...]

Creating a Sparkling Fairy Dust Scene in Photoshop

Have you ever stared in wonder at a magical fairyland image and wondered how the “magic” was created? How the pocket of light magically enveloped the subject, or how the sparkling fairy dust seemed to trail perfectly from the fairy wings? Fairy Dust Photoshop Tutorial Surely this can all be done in post-processing right? The answer is, absolutely yes! Let’s face it, … [Read more...]

10 Helpful Online Photography Courses for the Outdoor Photographer

It's natural for someone who loves photography and the outdoors to focus on taking a lot of photos out in nature, or even to pursue a career as a professional landscape or adventure photographer. Becoming a skilled outdoor photographer takes a lot of practice, both in learning how to use your gear and in developing composition and shooting techniques. One great way to … [Read more...]

Clakit Strap Packs: Secure Storage Attached to Backpacks for Phones, Passports, and More

Clakit is a company that has created a product that transforms backpack straps into easily accessible, secure storage. For photographers who are used to carrying around their gear in a backpack and want to keep their smartphone or documents in a convenient location while traveling, these pouches are something to consider trying out. The Strap Pack is a pouch for phones, … [Read more...]