Glaukar 3.1: A Lens Reborn Promises To Liberate Your Portrait Photography

When a pair of German photographers, whose clients include Rolls Royce, Redken, and Chopard, set out to create the perfect portrait lens, they turned to their history lessons for inspiration. Benedikt Ernst and Firat Bagdu, present-day professional photographers who specialize in portrait, wedding, and fashion photography, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at … [Read more...]

New York City Images and Street Photography Tips from Joerg Schubert

Joerg Schubert, an amateur photographer from Germany, has been into photography his whole life, starting with his dad teaching him how to develop film. In recent years Schubert has gotten a little more serious about taking more pictures and has gravitated towards street photography, Fuji cameras, and wide angles. He recently took a trip to New York City, so we asked him to … [Read more...]

Startup Aims to Put the “Insta” Back Into Instagram with the Citograph 35mm

If you’ve ever wished for a lens that combined the convenience of a smartphone with the quality of an SLR, this product is for you. German startup C.P. Goerz recently launched the Citograph 35mm, an ultra-thin, always-in-focus lens for your point-and-shoot designed to revolutionize spontaneous photography and put the "Insta" back into Instagram. Because of the lens’ fixed … [Read more...]

Travel Photography Tips To Prepare You For Your Journey

Travel photography is favored by many different photographers because it gives them the chance to extend their skills and abilities to photograph in a variety of different situations while exploring new places. Digital photography has made taking images while traveling even easier than ever before. Before you can even begin to learn how to take the best pictures while on … [Read more...]

10 Great Paris, France Photography Locations

Paris, France is an elegant city filled with historical architecture, Parisian rooftops, delicious cafes, and beautiful gardens. With many different iconic destinations and unique sights, you’ll be eager to take photos as you stroll through a journey through time. From the famous Eiffel Tower to the incredible architecture of the Louvre, the city of Paris opens a feeling of … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Camera Posters that Celebrate Nikon’s 100 Year Anniversary

To celebrate Nikon's 100 year anniversary, 10 limited edition 19.5" X 19.5" posters have been released on Level.Press, each featuring one of Nikon's iconic cameras. Just 100 first edition prints are available per design, each printed on on archival fine paper, framed and matted, hand-numbered, and embossed with a special seal. All orders will be shipped after July 25, 2017, … [Read more...]

Hasselblad Teams Up With Supercar Manufacturer Koenigsegg to Celebrate Scandinavian Technology and Design

Swedish company Hasselblad, a leading manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses, recently teamed up with Koenigsegg, a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, on a project that celebrates Scandinavian technology and design. Ming Thein, Hasselblad's Chief of Strategy, worked as the photographer and creative director that put together this unique visual story … [Read more...]

Cool Places in NYC for Photography

New York is a diverse city with countless places to photograph. With beautiful, old architecture, sleek, new skyscrapers, and numerous iconic landmarks, there is an abundant amount of surprises scattered around The Big Apple. The high-paced environment that takes place every day on the city streets creates a playground for all types of photographers. Here are a few cool places … [Read more...]

10 Best Places in Los Angeles To Take Pictures

Los Angeles is home to miles of picturesque coastlines, vast landscapes, and unique street culture. The city is made to entertain with carnivals on piers, gorgeous beaches, and an abundance of different styles of art everywhere you go. If you plan to visit Los Angeles you’ll find no shortage of places to point your lens at and capture a beautiful city full of diversity. Here … [Read more...]

40 Beautiful Examples of Cloudscape Photography

Clouds are a timeless photography subject. They're beautiful and constantly changing, giving photographers fresh inspiration every hour. They make great backgrounds, too. Depending on the weather or time of day, you can use clouds to evoke all kinds of emotions, from grief to bliss. For these reasons, we decided to include clouds in our 2017 Photography Challenge. In the few … [Read more...]