Sunset Photography Tips and Inspiration

A sunset can splash the sky with an array of colors, create a stunning reflection, and cast perfect light on your portrait subject. The window of opportunity to capture this golden light is usually small so planning ahead and showing up prepared is a necessity for great photos.

Zach Dischner – Sunset Watching
Zach Dischner - Sunset Watching

Sunset Photography Tips

Here is a list of helpful sunset photography tips and inspirational articles to help improve your own photos.

DPS – 12 Tips for Photographing Stunning Sunsets
Sunset photography is harder than you might think and DPS provides some simple tips to help you capture the perfect shot.

Digital Camera World – Sunset photography: how to balance exposures and get accurate colours
This is a popular article that goes through a few techniques to help get everything right with your exposure while shooting sunsets. Also check out their other blog post about the best camera settings for sunset photography here.

ePhotoZine – Top Ten Sunset Photography Tips And Tricks
From gear to planning to compositions, this blog post features a quick list of helpful tips for sunsets.

Picture Correct – Five Tips For Great Sunset Photos
Our favorite tip in this article is about finding the right foreground for your sunset photos. Yes, the sky looks beautiful but if you forget about the foreground, the picture loses it’s appeal. Follow the link to find more tips to make your sunset photos more interesting.

Improve Photography – 30 Sunset photography tips
A quick read of 30 tips that may give you an idea or two for your next shoot.

iPhone Photography School – How to Take Stunning Sunset Photos With Your iPhone
For those who love shooting photography with their phone, this article helps take your mobile sunset photos to the next level.

NYIP – Sunset Photography
This great write up from the New York Institute of Photography discusses how to take great photos of sunsets. It walks through many of the basics as well as gives some advice for those looking for more advanced help. – 50 Stunning Sunsets of 2012
A great collection of beautiful sunset pictures.

DPS – 39 Colorful Sunset Photos to Start off Your Weekend
Another inspiring gallery of some really great shots.

TPA – 52 Dazzling Examples of Sunset Photography
Our own inspirational post featuring a range of different sunsets and photographers.