55 Beautiful Flower Pictures for Your Inspiration

Flowers hold such magic for most people. Maybe it’s the delicate beauty people are most drawn to, or their symbolical meaning. They can make you think of love, spring, or life renewed–all beautiful things.

Regardless of their appeal, they make great photography subjects. You can focus on shooting a set of amazing macro flower pictures. Or, you can use them as lovely foregrounds/backgrounds for landscape shots and portraits. With the right light, you can get a stunning shot at almost every angle.

Flower Images

Here are a few quick tips for taking great flower images, followed by 55 beautiful pictures for your inspiration.

Find the best light.

This can be said about pretty much any photo you’re trying to improve. Generally, with flowers, overcast days work the best. With a grayish-white sky, you’ll get a soft, even light that brings out the flowers’ colors.

However, you can still get great shots on a sunny day. In this case, try experimenting with backlight (when the sun is lighting the flowers from behind). Since flower petals are thin, the sun will shine through the petals, making the flower glow.

Backlight is easiest to capture at the end of the day, when the sun is low in the horizon. It doesn’t have to be the golden hour yet, per se, but it wouldn’t hurt. That warm, golden light makes everything more beautiful.

Nevertheless, don’t feel limited by these two conditions. You might even find that flowers change at different times of the day and with different lighting conditions, making for more interesting compositions and opportunities to get a unique shot. If you find a great field of flowers, visit it often at different times to see what works best for the image you’re trying to capture.

Turn off your camera’s autofocus.

If you’re using a digital camera, you don’t have to get every shot perfect. You can take thousands of shots and not have to develop all of them. You can just choose the best image off the card.

In other words, you have plenty of time to be patient and get the right shot. You don’t have to run around the field, snapping as many photos as you can with your camera on full auto. You can sit down with a single flower and take your time. Set up the camera in manual mode, test out different compositions and settings, and really concentrate on creating a sharp image. Turning off the autofocus allows you focus exactly on the point in the flower composition that you want to capture. This way, you can create an image that’s truly unique.

Find out the name of the flower you’re shooting.

This isn’t exactly related to photography, but it’s still useful. There’s nothing like stumbling over your words when you try to explain the kind of flower you photographed. Getting into flower photography gives you a chance to learn more about botany and better understand the subjects you’re shooting.

Susanne Nilsson – Flower
Susanne Nilsson - Flower

Daniel Krieg – Flower
Daniel Krieg - Flower

Kari Bluff – Flowering dogwood
Kari Bluff - Flowering dogwood

Kuster & Wildhaber Photography – flower
Kuster & Wildhaber Photography - flower

solarisgirl – Flower
solarisgirl - Flower

llee_wu – Flowers
llee_wu - Flowers

Marufish – Tropical Flower
Marufish - Tropical Flower

Aurimas – Flowers
Aurimas - Flowers

Marcelo César Augusto Romeo – Flowers Dream
Marcelo César Augusto Romeo - Flowers Dream

Andrew Malone – Flower
Andrew Malone - Flower

Kamel Lebtahi – Flowers
Kamel Lebtahi - Flowers

aotaro – Flower
aotaro - Flower

Jason Hunter – Flower
Jason Hunter - Flower

Lennart Tange – Flower
Lennart Tange - Flower

Francis Martin Hain – White Flower
Francis Martin Hain - White Flower

Chris – FlowerTop
Chris - FlowerTop

Budiman Salleh – Flowers at Dome
Budiman Salleh - Flowers at Dome

Acid Pix – flower shadow
Acid Pix - flower shadow

Alberto Abouganem Stephens – Flower
Alberto Abouganem Stephens - Flower

Kenny Murray – Flower n’ grub
Kenny Murray - Flower n' grub

Dennis Hill – flower
Dennis Hill - flower

Christian Reusch – Flowers
Christian Reusch - Flowers

Jdmoar – Flower
Jdmoar - Flower

walmarc04 – Flower
walmarc04 - Flower

m01229 – Flowers – Lake Harriet
m01229 - Flowers - Lake Harriet

Scott Parker – flower
Scott Parker - flower

Pedro – Flowers
Pedro - Flowers

JB Kilpatrick – Flower Close-up
JB Kilpatrick - Flower Close-up

oatsy40 – Three White Flowers
oatsy40 - Three White Flowers

kev-shine – flower
kev-shine - flower

Francis Martin Hain – White Flower
Francis Martin Hain - White Flower

Rodrigue ROMON – Flower
Rodrigue ROMON - Flower

Chris – Wild Flower
Chris - Wild Flower

Yuri Levchenko – Purple and red flower
Yuri Levchenko - Purple and red flower

amzongrl1 – Flower
amzongrl1 - Flower

walmarc04 – Flowers in the garden, wild flowers
walmarc04 - Flowers in the garden, wild flowers

Alessio Villardita – Flowers
Alessio Villardita - Flowers

Paul Stein – Flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn, New York
Paul Stein - Flower at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn, New York

Paul Hudson – Flowers growing in the car park at work
Paul Hudson - Flowers growing in the car park at work

Ken – Flowers in the rain
Ken - Flowers in the rain

llee_wu – Flowers
llee_wu - Flowers

TomGough – Flower Macro
TomGough - Flower Macro

Shawn Lyte – Flower of the Day
Shawn Lyte - Flower of the Day

Jeff Kubina – Flowers
Jeff Kubina - Flowers

Norlando Pobre – Flower Power
Norlando Pobre - Flower Power

Vince – Flower
Vince - Flower

Kim Siever – Flowers
Kim Siever - Flowers

Karsten Wentink – Flowers & Bees
Karsten Wentink - Flowers & Bees

jans canon – Flowers
jans canon - Flowers

Adam Greig – flowers
Adam Greig - flowers

Ky Dally – Purple Flower, water
Ky Dally - Purple Flower, water

Adrian Scottow – Flowers at twilight with a bug
Adrian Scottow - Flowers at twilight with a bug

Alejandro Mallea – Spring flower
Alejandro Mallea - Spring flower

Aaron Warren – Flowers
Aaron Warren - Flowers

Yuri Levchenko – St Johns Wort
Yuri Levchenko - St Johns Wort

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