10 Unique Clocks for Photographers

vintage round clock

If you're an avid photographer like me or have friends that are photographers, there is a chance they eat, sleep, and think about photography all of the time. And what better way to keep photography infused throughout your life then making everyday objects like a clock remind you why photography is so great. So whether you are looking for that unique gift for your photographer … [Read more...]

20 Sweet T-Shirts for Photographers

photography t-shirt

I love t-shirts. I love photography. Now mix the two and what do you get? You get some pretty awesome t-shirts custom made for us. I have gathered up what I think are some very creative designs that most photographers would be proud to wear. 35mm by Design by Humans Retro Rolleiflex Evolution Of Photography by Flycro Camera Collector by Rocket … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Own Overhead Camera Rig

overhead camera rig

Darbin Orvar has put together a great video that shows how to build your own overhead camera rig for filming and photography. This type of setup is perfect for a stable and consistent platform for shooting from above. It's an inexpensive and relatively easy project if you're the DIY type. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ4ORaQLx9g Here is the list of materials needed to … [Read more...]

7 Simple Photography Hacks You Need to Try


The guys over at Cooph (The Cooperative of Photography) have created a video demonstrating some really cool photography hacks that produce some amazing results. Here is a list of what the video contains... Timelapse Rig Hack Arty Filter Hack The Vaseline Hack Flash Diffuser Hack ND Filter Hack String Hack Bokeh Hack … [Read more...]

Get Kids to Focus on Your Camera with this Innovative Kickstarter Project

Professional portrait photography is a unique trade. It provides its own set of challenges for photographers. Those challenges become even more difficult when children are involved. They squirm, fuss and are easily distracted. Allison Carenza, a baby portrait photographer from Kansas City aims to relieve the stress of shooting small children with her new invention, The Looky … [Read more...]

Nine Reasons to Love Live View

Andrew S Gibson is the author of Understanding EOS: A Beginner's Guide to Canon EOS cameras. One thing that differentiates newer digital cameras from older models is one that most photographers know about, image quality. But what you may not be aware of is that newer models have many additional features that help you take better photos. One of those is Live View. … [Read more...]

Two Great DSLR Technologies: Geotagging and WiFi

In today’s world, technology is constantly changing, so it is no wonder that this technology is making its way into digital photography. Two very good examples of this would be in the form of Geotagging and Wifi. Most DSLR cameras on the market today will include one or both of these features and you will definitely want to learn how you can use both of them. You may find them … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at DSLR Lenses

If you make the decision to get farther into digital photography and you purchase a DSLR camera, then do not make the mistake that so many do. Many different people purchase one of these cameras and then never move beyond the kit lens that it came with. However, the whole purpose of owning a Single Lens Reflex camera is having the ability of interchangeable lenses. This is … [Read more...]