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7 Simple Photography Hacks You Need to Try

The guys over at Cooph (The Cooperative of Photography) have created a video demonstrating some really cool photography hacks that produce some amazing results. Here is a list of what the video contains…


Nine Reasons to Love Live View

Andrew S Gibson is the author of Understanding EOS: A Beginner’s Guide to Canon EOS cameras. One thing that differentiates newer digital cameras from older models is one that most photographers know about, image...


A Closer Look at DSLR Lenses

If you make the decision to get farther into digital photography and you purchase a DSLR camera, then do not make the mistake that so many do. Many different people purchase one of these...


Introduction to Camera Filters

What is a camera filter? The technical way of thinking about them is to know that they are usually translucent objects that change the light entering a camera through its lens. The reason to...


The Prime Lens – Pros and Cons

What is a “prime” lens, you say? A prime lens is a fixed focal length lens, like 24mm or 85mm. Every photographer needs at least one, if not two, prime lenses… depending on what...


10 Must Have Apps for iPhone Photography

With the recent announcements from Apple you can feel the excitement surrounding the new iPhone 4 and its 5-megapixel LED flash camera. Keeping in the spirit I thought I would share what I think are some photography apps every iPhone photographer should not be without.