7 Easy Landscape Photography Tips

Brooke Hoyer - Landscape Photographer

Becoming a great landscape photographer doesn't happen overnight. It requires a lot of experience out in the field operating your equipment, learning how to post process, and time to develop your own unique style. Whether you've just invested in a DSLR or have been taking pictures for a couple of years, here are 7 easy tips that will help take your landscape photography to the … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategies for Photographers


If you still think that social media sites like Facebook and Instagram were created for teenagers, you might be missing out on some of the best marketing tools in the photography industry. Social media gives photographers a huge opportunity to grow sales, especially for a visual-based business like photography. Photo by Startup Stock Photos If you are thinking about … [Read more...]

10 Animal Instagrams to Follow

Animal Instagrams

Some of the best stories we know are about animals: Lassie, Old Yeller, Where the Red Fern Grows,  Babe, and Milo and Otis....stories about animals have been capturing our hearts for decades. The animal stories below are unique, compelling, and told through beautiful photography. Enjoy! Animal Instagrams 1. @thiswildidea: Theron Humphry and his dog Maddie are a … [Read more...]

Photo Print Storage and Organization Ideas

photo storage box

Staying organized as a photographer is a must. Even the casual hobby type can come back from a vacation with thousands of photos to sort through. That's the beauty and the curse of digital photography. Whether you're a professional who is putting together portfolios for clients or a mom who just loves taking pictures of your kids, having a system of organizing and storing all … [Read more...]

Seattle Skyline Photography Locations

Wonderlane Follow The city of Seattle, Washington in the fall, from amazon.com, Beacon Hill, USA

Seattle is a beautiful city that has multiple locations for photographers to capture the classic skyline shot. Listed below are a few of those places that are easy to get to and offer the opportunity to take some great photos of the Seattle skyline. Kerry Park Located in Queen Anne, this popular park has plenty of space to set up for a great photo of Seattle. You might have … [Read more...]

20 Striking Photos of Wedding and Engagement Rings

engagement ring

With August coming to an end and September quickly approaching, one would think that wedding season is nearing its end. Think again! In many places September and October are the perfect months to get married because the leaves will soon be changing and the weather starts to cool down. After the wedding, the rings are the items that remind newlyweds of their wedding on a … [Read more...]

38 Cool Spider Pictures

Yogendra Joshi - Striped Jumping Spider

Spiders from afar might be creepy and scary for some, but up close they are very cool looking. In fact, these spider pictures may inspire you to invest in a good macro lens and try your hand at finding a few friends around your own house. A few quick tips for taking decent spider pictures. 1. Be patient and take lots of photos. Being up close means any slight movements … [Read more...]

25 Misty Morning Photos

Wiesław Ludwiczak - misty morning

With the cooler weather of Autumn fast approaching, you'll start to feel the crisp, colder air of morning on your way to work or when you're out taking pictures. This new season brings tiny water droplets suspended in the air near the ground which will be highlighted by the glow of the early light, creating a somber but beautiful mood for your photos. The nice thing about mist … [Read more...]