20 Striking Photos of Wedding and Engagement Rings

engagement ring

With August coming to an end and September quickly approaching, one would think that wedding season is nearing its end. Think again! In many places September and October are the perfect months to get married because the leaves will soon be changing and the weather starts to cool down. After the wedding, the rings are the items that remind newlyweds of their wedding on a … [Read more...]

38 Cool Spider Pictures

Yogendra Joshi - Striped Jumping Spider

Spiders from afar might be creepy and scary for some, but up close they are very cool looking. In fact, these spider pictures may inspire you to invest in a good macro lens and try your hand at finding a few friends around your own house. A few quick tips for taking decent spider pictures. 1. Be patient and take lots of photos. Being up close means any slight movements … [Read more...]

25 Misty Morning Photos

Wiesław Ludwiczak - misty morning

With the cooler weather of Autumn fast approaching, you'll start to feel the crisp, colder air of morning on your way to work or when you're out taking pictures. This new season brings tiny water droplets suspended in the air near the ground which will be highlighted by the glow of the early light, creating a somber but beautiful mood for your photos. The nice thing about mist … [Read more...]

People and Their Pets Photography


I had a mentor in writing school who told me that I should always write about 1.) the subjects/events that are the strangest/weirdest and 2.) the subjects/events that produce the most emotion in me because those are the stories that will have the most "meat" to them. Most of the advice given to writers is also relevant to photographers (visual storytellers). One way to get a … [Read more...]

99 Inspirational Photography Quotes

photography quote

Here is a list of 99 inspirational photography quotes from photographers and other professionals who have experienced success in their field of work. Hopefully their words of wisdom will inspire you to work harder and become a more accomplished photographer. "Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase." - Percy W. Harris "It’s one thing to make … [Read more...]

23 Beautiful Pictures of Puffins

Didier Baertschiger - Iceland - Látrabjarg - Puffin

Puffins are beautiful seabirds with a colorful beak during mating season and a preference for nesting in crevices and rocks along coastal cliffs or offshore islands. Because of their living environment and fast flight over the water while feeding, the Puffin can be a difficult bird to photograph. Didier Baertschiger - Iceland - Látrabjarg - Puffin Just to get a picture … [Read more...]

35 Rainy Day Window Pictures

Rain Window - 11

A rainy day can be depressing for those who prefer to be outside enjoying the beautiful sun and taking pictures without worrying about getting their gear wet. Rain can also bring out the desire to sit on the couch with a blanket, book, and a hot cup of tea so you can catch up on some needed relaxation. But before you get too comfortable, why not get out your camera and take … [Read more...]

Butterfly Photo Tips and Inspiration

Nick Page Butterfly on Finger

Butterflies are some of nature's most beautiful and difficult to photograph insects. They constantly move, are spooked easily, and only come out during the right conditions. If you do snag a great shot of a butterfly, you'll be rewarded with their intricate patterns, colorful wings, and interesting body structure. They also tend to be around some beautiful environments, like … [Read more...]