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Didier Baertschiger - Iceland - Látrabjarg - Puffin 2

23 Beautiful Pictures of Puffins

Puffins are beautiful seabirds with a colorful beak during mating season and a preference for nesting in crevices and rocks along coastal cliffs or offshore islands. Because of their living environment and fast flight...

Rain Window - 11 1

35 Rainy Day Window Pictures

A rainy day can be depressing for those who prefer to be outside enjoying the beautiful sun and taking pictures without worrying about getting their gear wet. Rain can also bring out the desire...

Nick Page Butterfly on Finger 0

Butterfly Photo Tips and Inspiration

Butterflies are some of nature’s most beautiful and difficult to photograph insects. They constantly move, are spooked easily, and only come out during the right conditions. If you do snag a great shot of...

Christopher Michel The Secret Lives of Flowers 1

55 Beautiful Macro Flower Pictures

Macro photography is about shooting objects up close. Flowers are popular subjects that provide lots of detail, have a variety of shapes and colors, work well with lighting, and they generally are very beautiful...

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Virtual Reality: Photography’s Next Frontier?

During the past two years, virtual reality has advanced from being seen as an untouchable future technology to an accessible marketing tool. Virtual reality enthusiasts and creative thought leaders have hailed this new platform...


25 High Energy Examples of Concert Photography

There is nothing like experiencing music live. You get to feel the energy of both the band and the audience, creating this symbiotic relationship that feeds off one another. Concerts provide great opportunities to create some amazing images. So pack your camera and bottled water, its time to capture your masterpiece.