The Best National Parks For Landscape Photography

glacier national park

National parks provide some of the most iconic views and beautiful landscapes. As a result, the parks are a tremendous resource for photographers as well as tourists. But with so many parks it can be quite difficult to choose which ones you want to visit. In this article we’ll take a look at 7 of […]

55 Beautiful Macro Flower Pictures

Mark Freeth Clematis.

Macro photography is about shooting objects up close. Flowers are popular subjects that provide lots of detail, have a variety of shapes and colors, work well with lighting, and they generally are very beautiful and pleasing to look at which provides a photographer with a lot to work with when making great images. If you’re […]

30 Crazy-Cool Pictures Taken With Film Cameras

film photography

Pictures taken with an old film camera are like fragments of memories or retro movies. If you’re young enough, you may have only ever owned a digital camera. For older people there may be some nostalgia for old cameras, whether it be a fully manual 35mm SLR or usual point-and-shoot. Despite the digital’s dominance, film […]

25 High Energy Examples of Concert Photography

There is nothing like experiencing music live. You get to feel the energy of both the band and the audience, creating this symbiotic relationship that feeds off one another. Concerts provide great opportunities to create some amazing images. So pack your camera and bottled water, its time to capture your masterpiece.

30 Ethereal Examples of Smoke Photography

Smoke is such a mysterious subject to shoot. It’s really unknown as to what your going to get until you start shooting and later look at what you’ve captured. The smoke can create the most interesting shapes and take on familiar forms. Below are great examples of this process. What forms can you see the […]