Weird Science – A Showcase of Caleb Charland’s Amazing Photography

When I first saw Caleb’s work I was transported back to when I was a young boy absolutely fascinated with the world of science. He truly captures the essence of the simple scientific experiment, turning it into amazing works of art.

I hope you enjoy Caleb’s work as much as I do. Make sure and visit his website,, to view more examples of his fascinating photography.

Camera Obscura Showcase and Interview with Photographer Jürgen Lechner

FR 005

In a period characterized by technological advances, German photographer Jürgen Lechner looks to the earliest photographic techniques: pinhole photography with a camera obscura. In doing so, Lechner presents the spectator with contemporary scenes that highlight the often-overlooked viewpoints of our environment. Lechner’s abandon of digital photography may be unusual, but his aesthetic proves to be […]

Amazing Fine Art Photography by Diane Varner

I am very excited to share with you some of the most inspiring, magical, fine art photography I have seen in quite some time. It is my great please to introduce you to the photography of Diane Varner. I had the great honor to get to know Diane though another project of mine, I […]

One Photographer’s Way

Even as a kid, I enjoyed looking at ants close­up with a magnifying glass (and then roasting them!). Now I perform Stingerotomies on Bumblebees so a leash can be attached and make “pets” out of them, or coax Moths onto a fingertip to do their “portrait.” Of course I examined other things as well, and […]