10 Great Articles on Self-Portrait Photography

Since man saw his own reflection for the first time self-portrait photography has been a popular form of expression. Moreover, these days self-portrait is quite necessary. Every social network you use requires upload an avatar of some kind. In order not to mimic self-portraits took with an iPhone in a mirror, I’d like to share […]

Guide To Inkjet Digital Photographic Papers

In the technologically advanced world we live, emphasis is often given to new technologies and photography is certainly no different. Educational photography literature be in online or in books often revolves around capturing and editing of images, but little is discussed in the way of printing these images. Unbeknownst to many, printing technology in the […]

The Golden Hour Portfolio eBook

Our friend Christopher O’Donnell has released yet another amazing eBook going in-depth on his approach to capturing his beautiful golden hour images. By studying his camera workflow, you will learn how to critically analyze a sunrise or sunset scene and decide on the best method to use for your photography.