25 Wonderful Photographs of Rain

Photographers who dare to go outside when it rains, have an advantage over their dry counterparts. Sure they may get wet, but they have an opportunity to take some awesome pictures of the rain. We put together a few tips for taking pictures in the rain, followed by a selection of great rain photos.

Five Tips for Shooting in the Rain

For those of you who prefer to stay dry, you can take great rainy window photos from inside, or wait until the rain stops and photograph puddles and wet streets.

1. Have a list of locations and ideas ready for a rainy day

To avoid losing a good day of shooting, prepare yourself for the inevitable downpour. Familiar landscapes and cityscapes may surprise you when they’re transformed by the rain. Rain is also an opportunity to experiment with depth of field and play with the reflection in puddles, wet streets, and rained-on windows.

2. Keep your gear dry

Your camera is by far your most valuable possession, so you may want to invest in a rain cover, although a plastic bag with a hole in it can also do the trick. Make sure your bag is waterproof and stays dry throughout the shoot.

3. Keep yourself (and your models) dry

Wear waterproof clothing and bring an umbrella. Umbrellas are also great props and can improve the composition of your pictures, so consider bringing two of them.

4. Don’t use your camera’s pop-up flash

The rain in front of the camera will reflect the flash right back at you. The rain drops will block the scene and the result is not pretty. If you want to illuminate the rain in your photo, try to light it from the back instead. You can create a beautiful effect by using sunlight or streetlights to shine on the rain from behind.

5. Try out different ways of capturing rain

Rain can be photographed in different ways. You can photograph a shower far away in the distance, or you can take a macro picture of a single raindrop. You can freeze the rain with a short shutter speed, or blur it. You can focus on the rain specifically, or use it to enhance the atmosphere of a picture. The same scene can look very different, depending on how you incorporate rain into your photo.

Pictures of Rain

Here’s a selection of wonderful rain photos from our Flickr group.

Danny Santos — Untitled
person with umbrella rain

Slavina Bahchevanova — Fallen
leaf in the rain

Alessandro Baffa — “I Always Like Walking In The Rain, So No One Can See Me Crying”
lantern in the rain

ro_nya — Don’t let the rain fool you
protesters in the rain

Wicaksono Trian Islami — Mantis In Rain..
praying mantis in the rain

R Casey — _~untitled~_
flower in the rain

James Drury — the wall
person with umbrella in the rain

Patrick Dinneen — Golden Rain Drop Macro
rain drops on wood

ro_nya — Then the sky opened up
person with umbrella in the rain

R Casey — some days rain will fall
flower in the rain

Warren Krupsaw — Ca.-Vinyard-in-Rain
vineyard in the rain

James Drury — balancing act
boy playing in puddles

Victoria Pickering — Boardwalk
boardwalk in the rain

Thomas Lieser — sometimes every little raindrop is a star in your eyes
vienna in the rain

macsoapy — The rain came down in sheets
person with umbrella in the rain

Bryon Lippincott — Sweeping in the Rain
person sweeping in the rain

Ana GR — light and rain.
leaf in the rain

Christina Dithmar — Thilde Buckingham palace (1 of 1)
kid standing in the rain

Simon Pither — Staple Tor, Dartmoor
rainy landscape

Barb — Waiting for April Showers
rain in the street

Sby — Rain
rain falling down

Christina Dithmar — Vivary photo walk june
girl jumping in puddle

Daude Helal Fahim — Rain
person losing umbrella in the rain

Sharon Sperry Bloom — summer monsoons
lights reflected in a puddle

Gerardo “Tito” Paez — Llueve en Patagonia…
landscape with rain in the distance

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