20+ Sweet T-Shirts for Photographers

Whether you’ve been taking pictures for 30 years or just got your first camera, wearing a photography-themed t-shirt is an easy way to show off your passion. (That, and wearing a big camera around your neck.)

Besides sharing your hobby or profession, a photography shirt can also be convenient to wear for outdoor photo shoots. Then, you won’t get any of your other clothes dirty as you lie on the ground or lean against grungy buildings, trying to get a great shot.

Finding that perfect photography shirt can be a little time-consuming, though, since there are hundreds of designs on the market. To save you time, we’ve chosen 20+ t-shirts for you to look through. You can even scroll down to the category that suits your style best: Vintage Cameras, Funny, Cool Designs, and Inspiration.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a photographer, be sure to check out our list of unique gifts for photographers, too. You might even find something for yourself among the gadgets and accessories.

Need more ideas? Check out our gear category and browse some of the latest tempting products, like these waterproof cameras. Although, if you’re trying to save money, you might want to stick with t-shirts for now.

Vintage Cameras

Cameras have a long history of looking cool. Besides their beauty, though, vintage cameras can provoke nostalgia and make you rethink your approach to photography. After all, famous photographers like Ansel Adams took breathtaking pictures with film cameras, not DSLRs.

Wearing a vintage camera on your shirt can remind you not to get too caught up in the latest gear and best DSLR, but to focus on what really matters: knowledge, experience, and technique.

35mm by Design by Humans
photography t-shirt

Camera Collector by Rocket Factory
camera collector

Retro by NeoTshirt
Retro by NeoTshirt

Watercolor Camera by funny photography shirt
Watercolor Camera by funny photography shirt


A funny t-shirt can help start conversations and build relationships, a key part of portrait photography. Showing your sense of humor can also make the people you’re photographing feel more relaxed, so you’re more likely to get natural smiles and candid looks.

Finally, remembering to laugh can help you loosen up, too. With less stress, you’ll not only enjoy the shoot more. You’ll also be more open to new ideas and possibilities.

Spray and Pray by CafePress
t-shirts for photographers

I can freeze time by Teetastic Designs
I can freeze time by Teetastic Designs

Evolution of the Photographer by Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co.
evolution of a photographer

I Will Shoot Everywhere by ONE UNIQUE
photographer t-shirt shoot anywhere

Only Photographers Would Understand

These shirts are perfect for connecting with other photographers. You can wear them to a photography meetup or anywhere, really, to find like-minded photographers in a crowd.

Sunny 16 Rule by CafePress
t-shirts for photographers

If It Ain’t Bokeh, Don’t Fix It. by CafePress

What Part Of Don’t You Understand by Photographer T-shirt
What Part Of Don't You Understand by Photographer T-shirt

F-Stop Lens by Photography Photographer Shirt Gifts
F-Stop Lens by Photography Photographer Shirt Gifts

Everyone’s A Photographer Until… by Funny Photography Tees
everyone's a photographer t-shirt

Aperture Values by Photographer Geek Tees
photography t-shirt

Just One More by #timetofight
photographer t-shirt

Cool Designs

These shirts show your love for photography in their interesting designs. You can choose something subtle, like a beautiful camera lens, or something more obvious, like a camera over your heart.

Explore by Roam Free
Explore by Roam Free

Camera Lens by Outdoor Activity Tee Shirts
camera lens t-shirt

Heartbeat Camera Shirt by Heartbeat Camera Shirt
camera heartbeat shirt

Love by I love photography T Shirt Gifts
Love - I love photography T Shirt Gifts

Love Photographer by Photographer T-Shirt
love photography t-shirt

Capturing Light by Photography And Photographer Shirts
capturing light photographer shirt


These shirts remind you (and anyone else who reads them) of the important things–besides photography, of course.

Life Is Like Photography by CafePress
life is like photography

The Camera Is An Instrument by UniqueItemsDirectCom
camera quote t-shirt

When Life Gets Blurry by Amaziene
adjust your focus t-shirt

Collect Moments Not Things by Pop Threads
Collect Moments Not Things - Pop Threads