20 Beautiful Images of Peacocks

Did you know that the term peacock is reserved for the male of the peafowl species whereas the female is known as a peahen? Peacocks boast a beautiful array of feathers on their tail, also known as a train, and are marked with eyespots which are visible when the peacock fans his tail.

Here are a few ideas to consider when creating images of peacocks or other animals that may make your pictures turn out a little better.

Eye contact. Capturing eye contact with the birds, or animals in general, creates a better connection to the subject in the image. Unless the animal is actively doing something interesting, an image will stand out a little better with eye contact.

Focus on the feathers. The most stunning part of the peacock is their train of feathers. You may have to be patient and constantly moving to be in position to take the best shot of the peacock when it fans his feathers. You don’t necessarily have to capture the whole bird in the frame either. Close-ups of the patterns and beauty of the feathers can also make for some great images. You can also concentrate your efforts on other parts of the peacock, like the unique crest on top of their head.

Show up prepared. Understanding what equipment you might need to get the best shot is also part of the final result. You might be shooting in a setting that requires a zoom lens to get the best image. Maybe you’ll be looking feathers on the ground and will need a macro lens to capture the desired composition you’ve been thinking about. If you know you’re going to have an opportunity to photograph peacocks, plan out your photo ideas, bring the proper camera equipment, and be ready to take some beautiful pictures.

Peacock Images

Here are 20 pictures of peacocks that hopefully will inspire a composition or two next time you take photos of these beautiful birds.

Maria Hellstrom – Peacock
Maria Hellstrom - Peacock

Mathias Appel – peacock
Mathias Appel - peacock

Greg Tee – Pauw
Greg Tee - Pauw

John Mason – Albino Peacock
John Mason - Albino Peacock

Cleia Eleny Buer – peacock colours
Cleia Eleny Buer - peacock colours

Jonathan Leung – Pretty Peacock
Jonathan Leung - Pretty Peacock

Mike Boswell – Peacock
Mike Boswell - Peacock

Simon Powell – Peacock!
Simon Powell - Peacock!

Rose Mendoza – Beautiful Peacock Feathers
Rose Mendoza - Beautiful Peacock Feathers

Susanne Nilsson – Peacock
Susanne Nilsson - Peacock

Kieren Aris
Kieren Aris

Michael Bentley – Preening Peacock
Michael Bentley - Preening Peacock

Álvaro Reguly – Showing its true colors
Álvaro Reguly - Showing its true colors

Daniel Ramirez – Peacock closeup
Daniel Ramirez - Peacock closeup

Dennis – Balzender Pfau II
Dennis - Balzender Pfau II

R'lyeh Imaging
R'lyeh Imaging

Rikki's Refuge – peacock feathers very close up best
Rikki's Refuge - peacock feathers very close up best

ph_micchei – l'urlo del pavone
ph_micchei - l'urlo del pavone

Susanne Nilsson – Peacock
Susanne Nilsson - Peacock

Tim Spouge – Peacock
Tim Spouge - Peacock