10+ Free Ebooks for Digital Photography

We are always on the hunt for great information on photography, especially if its free. Here we’ve put together a list of FREE ebooks for you to download and enjoy! This collection covers the basics of digital photography, lighting setups, nature photography tips and more.

Lighting 101

Strobist - Lighting 101

Strobist, a popular photography resource site created by David Hobby, provides massive amounts of free, educational content about lighting. One of those valuable pieces of content is their Lighting 101 series, also available in PDF format.

Wildflower Photography


PhotoNaturalist, a nature photography blog started by Steve Berardi, has a free ebook about wildflower photography. You’ll learn about lighting, exposure, backgrounds, battling wind, and more topics that will help you make better flower images. There is also their premium ebook ($12), The Complete Guide to Photographing Wildflowers, which is for photographers who feel they need a more advanced lesson.

National Geographic Photography Basics

National Geographic

This 20+ page ebook titled Ultimate Field Guide to Photography, covers basic rules, equipment, technical aspects, composition, and more helpful tips from National Geographic, who is well known for it’s high standards and quality in the photography community.

Following the Light

Visual Wilderness

Visual Wilderness offers a variety of premium photography resources authored by a number of successful photographers, with our favorite being their free ebook titled Following the Light. It’s 15 pages of quality content that discusses the process of getting up every morning and chasing the light to get the best images possible. Other free ebooks on the site include topics about workshops, exploring Iceland, and photographing France.

External Flash

Photo by Sean McGrath
External Flash portrait

Photo Extremist, a unique photography tutorial site by Evan Sharboneau, offers this short but helpful ebook called Introduction to External Flash. It talks about using an external flash both outdoors and indoors, equipment needed, and a few basic technical aspects to get a new photographer started.

Street Photography

Thomas Leuthard Photography

Thomas Leuthard, a street photographer from Switzerland, currently has 5 free ebooks available for download on his website. They are long, quality reads that cover topics in street photography, portraits, and personal success stories from Leuthard and how he became an established photographer.

Creative Photography


Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou, founders of oopoomoo, have been educating others about photography for over 20 years. They offer a free ebook on their site titled Born Creative: 12 Ways to Feed Your Creative Soul. You’ll find a lot more helpful photography resources on their blog and premium product pages.

Starting Your Photography Business

guide to starting your photography business

PhotoShelter, a portfolio website platform for photographers, offers a free download about starting your own photography business. It writes about finding your niche, marketing your photos, finding clients, and taking care of your money.

Confidence in Photography

Shy Photographer's Guide

Photography Concentrate, a high quality photography resource site created by Lauren and Rob, offers a 116 page free ebook with tips and tricks to becoming a more confident photographer.

Improve Your Photography

Craft and Vision

Craft and Vision has a shop with a variety of interesting, affordable ebooks They also offer one free ebook: 20 Ways to Make Better Photographs Without Buying Any More Gear.