42 Awe Inspiring Photos of Extreme Weather

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Mother Nature can really unleash some fury when she wants to. Its amazing how something can be so destructive and beautiful at the same time. Here are 42 examples of some of the most beautiful extreme weather photography I have ever seen. Enjoy.

Jim Reed
I wanted to start off with the king of extreme weather photography, Jim Reed. Jim’s photos are considered some of the best in the world. Make sure and check out his new book Storm Chaser: A Photographer’s Journey – http://www.stormchaserbook.com

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Mike Hollingshead
Mike shoots some of the most incredible storms I have ever seen. Make sure and check out his site http://www.extremeinstability.com. He has a ton of terrific shots. Check out his prints also.

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Eric Nguyen

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Alan Nyiri

Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather

Marty Pouwelse

Marty Pouwelse

Kenneth Fugate

Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather

Dennis Jones

Extreme Weather

Mike Theiss

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Ultimate Chase

Extreme Weather

Ngy Thanh

Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather

Hurricane Ike

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather

Jorn C Olsen

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Woman in Snow

Extreme Weather

Ice Storms

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Share your Work

For those who would like to share their extreme weather photography please feel free to join our flickr group and add your images to the pool. Make sure and tag your weather images with “TPA_Storm”. From the pool of images we will be selecting the best examples of extreme weather photography and showcasing them in a future article. This can mean some great exposure and your images will be inspiring photographers from around the world.



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66 Responses

  1. Black says:

    Wow ! That’s impressive.

  2. Gloson says:

    Wow… These photos are simply impressive! I love Nature!

  3. Lord Narmo says:

    Those photos are really amazing !

  4. These are AWESOME thank you for sharing them….

  5. Nora Reed says:

    Wow, I am still shocked by a lot of these. They are just incredible. I would love to know the locations of some of these, especially the ice storm photos. Where ever that is, I don’t think I want to live there. Nature can create some pretty incredible phenomenons. We just have to roll with the punches. Thanks

  6. Henry says:

    Wow! Some of those cloud shots just look crazy.

  7. Evil Mammoth says:

    There are few things that look as terrifying as a supercell thunderstorm.

  8. Wow these pictures are awe inspiring and so impressive!! I would love to be able to shoot pictures of this kind of weather!

  9. steve jackson says:

    amazing pics, ive been in some of those, theyre scary stuff, brave photographers.

  10. Lee sun-young says:

    wow!! Sometimes any pictures very scary!!

  11. Donghwan Kim says:

    wow…. very wonderful Is that photograph fact?

    • Bill Jones says:

      All of these pictures are real. Its crazy how much danger someone will put themself in to get the shot. Check out the video of Jim Reed running up to the tornado. Crazy stuff.

  12. Korea(Heo seok-hyun) says:

    Wow! This photo is very impressive! I live in South Korea has four seasons. South Korea looks so very beautiful. But this picture is seen as a kind of a disaster. I have not seen it once the weather is one of the ocean.

  13. lee83ys says:

    Wow! Some of those cloud shots just look crazy.

  14. Globalshots says:

    Realy love this set, thanks for sharring

  15. LIM says:

    wow.. like this weather never in korea

  16. inho says:

    wow! 엄청나게 멋지네요..

    저런사진을 목숨걸고 찍으시는 분들도 대단하다는..

  17. 조정환 says:

    우와 해외 사이트네요…멋진사진 많이 보고 갑니다

  18. delade says:

    Great post thanks for sharing. Congratulations to the photographers, for these great shots! Storm chasers, please be careful and mindful of the danger out there; we can live without the spectacular shots but, not without YOU. =)

  19. Aninditha Arale says:


  20. 정성호 says:

    우와…. 멋진데?

    Those photos are really amazing !

  21. designiac says:

    WOW, I didn’t even know clouds like the “Mammatus clouds” in the photos from Jorn Olsen existed. Beautiful and strange.

  22. Donna says:

    Being from southern California I have NEVER seen anything like these photos in person. Totally awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  23. 3szt3r says:

    Cumulonimbus Mamatus… – and I’m still in the process of picking up my jaw from the floor…
    Thanks a lot for this collection! and for the blog as well!

  24. Lilian says:

    just amazing…

    the second from the bottom with the ice storm looks like Geneva, can that be?

  25. Brad says:

    Awesome photos! I’m glad I was nowhere near any of those storms.

  26. Windy May says:

    Some of those shots are absolutely amazing. Fantastic collection of mother nature’s wrath and glory.

  27. 배정탁 says:

    Those photos are really amazing !
    wow this is truth??
    신기하넴 ㅋ

  28. Mother Nature in all her majesty always amazes me.

  29. Bonita says:

    OMW!! those lightning images are absolutely stunning! Especially the blue & purple sky with the trucks, from “extreme instability” – that’s the most beautiful lightning shot I’ve ever seen!!

    I followed the link through to the site, but where can I find that exact image?

  30. carolina says:

    wouuuuu impressive as our nature reacts … photographs are incredibly beautiful but also incredibly terrifying
    love from chile

  31. JNB72 says:

    I’m a newbie to photography and some of these have blown my mind. AWESOME, but I now realize I have a lot to learn.

  32. Mila says:

    Only one word. Wow.

  33. Kae says:

    love love the shots! amazingly beautiful!

  34. thalia says:

    i’m feeling so lucky and i think the nature likes me so much.the pictures are incredible and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. stefy says:

    these photos are incredible i haven’t seen like this before in my life. i wish u the best .

  36. Sarah says:

    This pictures really put things into perspective! Thank you for sharing them! Peter Lik is a world renouned photographer who captures incredible shots of nature, if you are not familiar check out some of his work: http://peterlik.com/photography/horizontal

  37. Mariá Concepción says:


  38. Katja Nina says:

    awesome and very scare selection there.
    Ice storm pics reminded me time when I tried to get my car out or similar weather conditions, luckily less icy though.

  39. Really awesome photography!! I loved the post ending with ice storms :D Spectacular photos!

  40. juan says:

    woww.. these pictures are stiking, yet extraordinary, we note the work of photographers

  41. Lokanin says:

    There are some brave photographers around! You would not get me anywhere near of those tornados! Fantastic pictures.

  42. MikSas says:

    Fantastic composition, though some (if not most) look they spent much time in post-production (strips the “rawness”, imho).

    Nevertheless, all are smashing photos in my book!

  43. Gergana says:

    I lived in Switzerland for 7 years, and I clearly remember this ice storm in Versoix!!! One cold winter…

  44. camerarumors says:

    truly nice images. thanks for posted this

  45. neha says:

    the photos r very nice.i didnt ever saw these type of photos.thnks for sharing them

  46. photo hints says:

    What inspirational photography! Totally scared of what the planet is capable of throwing at us though!!

  47. sivamanojk says:

    excellent ,terriffic and dynamic

  48. arpit jain says:

    incredible & amazing photos. i love nature

  49. arpit jain says:

    it’s “THE” nature friends.

  50. Fidel de la Merced, Jr. says:

    amazing shots! talk about being at the right place, at the right time! just incredible!!!

  51. Theo says:

    Great collection, some incredible good shots here!

  52. cevdet says:

    Harika resimler var bence mutlaka herkesin burayı görmesi gerekir.

  53. Lauren says:

    that is crazy!!! amazing!!

  54. Dawn says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Totally amazing pics!!!!

  55. Becki says:

    Being from Florida I have never even had any concept of an ice storm – that is just crazy. How/what causes that, is it ice being blown in or just rain freezing on stuff?? Very curious since we don’t even get snow.

    PS as everyone has said, the tornado and thundarstorm photos are mesmerising.

  56. usama says:

    wonderful. Love the long exposure shots

  57. Tim says:

    Yikes! I’ve seen some pretty wicked weather, but at least I was in a safe place. Some people have all the fun.

  58. Brian says:

    Awesome pics, I love them all. Gotta have alot of guts to do what you people do. Thank you and God speed my friends

  59. Photo Events says:

    wonderful.i love all image.

  60. Linda says:

    The third photo down with the silver car driving toward the weather, looks completely photoshopped. Sorry..

  61. Andy says:

    Not to be too picky, but those pictures of “ice storms” are not really so. They are just pictures of frozen lake spray. But all of these pictures are great.

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