SmugMug to Acquire Flickr

One of the largest, independent websites for photographers, SmugMug, has announced its intentions to purchase Flickr, an online photo and video management platform. In recent years, after being acquired by Yahoo, Flickr has received lackluster reviews from the photography world due to Yahoo’s seemingly failure at connecting with the demographic.

smugmug flickr

Flickr is still widely used by millions of users, including us (check out our Flickr group), so we consider this good news, as a company with plenty of experience in the photography world will soon be managing what used to be the #1 site for photographers to post their photos.

We spoke with Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug, and he is excited about bringing together a new community and development team to continue innovating and growing the platform. SmugMug is committed to empowering photographers to tell their stories.

“Uniting the SmugMug and Flickr brands will make the whole photography community stronger and better connected. The enduring quality of photography is so much more than clicks and likes—-photography has the power to change the world. Together, we can preserve photography as the global language of storytelling.”

He stressed to us the importance of the SmugMug and Flickr partnership continuing to be a service for photographers by photographers.

“SmugMug is hitting the ground running with this new acquisition,” said MacAskill, “and we are in full-blown learning mode. We want to take a lot of time listening to what the community wants, what’s working now, what’s almost working, and what we can build that is new and innovative for photographers.”

We are excited about this news, and we wish the SmugMug team all the best in growing Flickr into a better platform for photographers.