24 Great Examples of Motorsport Racing Photography

The world of motorsports encompasses a wide variety of competitive events. Road and rally car, motorcycle and dirt bike, and even a snowmobile are just a few of the motor vehicles used to race and entertain millions of fans. The excitement and rush of motorsport racing definitely is appealing to a certain type of photographer in the community.

Being a photographer in the world of motorsports involves much more than just pointing and shooting. With fast moving machines, flying debris, variable weather, complex shooting locations, and a lot of different subject ideas, there are many factors to consider if you’re going to take a series of images that will stand out among the rest.

Like any subject, taking quality images and telling a good story are two major areas that photographers could focus on to take their racing photos up a notch. Check out the links at the end of this post to find some really helpful racing photography tips and resources.

Race Photography

Here’s a selection of some excellent examples of racing photography selected from our Flickr group. If you submit your photos to this group, we may feature your work in a future post.

motocross race photography

!droopydogajna! — Ro-day Cranks
motorcycle race photography

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu — Sand Spraying
car racing through the Merzuga desert

Diederick.79 — Untitled
auto racing

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Untitled
three motocross racers

Vitor Junqueira — Bruno Martins – Rage Comet R – Baja TT Idanha a Nova 2014
rally car jumping

New Flickr is New Coke ALL Over Again! — Ferrari
race car

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu — Unlimited playground
rally car racing through the Merzuga desert

Daniel Pankoke — Grassbahn Rennen
motocross on grass

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Motocros6

Nic Taylor — 001
indoor go-karting

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu — The jumping Freestyle Car with Guerlain Chicherit
Dakar rally car jumping

Paul Shears — Get Low
motorbike racer going low through a corner

Daniel Pankoke — Grassbahn Rennen
three motocross racers

Diederick.79 — Untitled
motocross racer

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Karts2
outdoor go-kart racing

New Flickr is New Coke ALL Over Again! — Sahlen
two race cars

Paul Shears — Fast
motorbike racing

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Motocros 2
motocross racer

Abraham Castro — Dani Sordo
race car rally

Vitor Junqueira — 24 Horas TT Fronteira 2014 – n8065
race car rally

Paul Shears — No.22 Luke Hedger
motorbike racer going low through a corner

Diederick.79 — LOLA – ASTON MARTIN
Aston Martin race car

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu — The Encounter
car racing through the Merzuga Desert with camels in the distance

Racing Photography Resources

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