Gorgeous Camera Bags and Straps in Every Price Range

I have a thing for bags. Especially those made of worn leather – the ones that seem to have a personality or a rich story waiting inside.

Our cameras deserve to feel beautiful, so I’ve have put together a collection of favorite, trendiest, and some of what I think are the most gorgeous bags that are currently on the market.

To take is a step further, why not dress up our cameras and show off our style with some unique camera straps? Each is functional, but more importantly fashionable.

Camera Bags

If your camera has a personality, what would it wear?

First and foremost: Leather bags.

Brown Leather Camera Satchel: $94
brown leather camera bag

brown leather camera bag

Tropaeis Leather Camera Satchel: $169
camera bag for men

camera bag for men

ONA Brooklyn Premier Camera Bag: $359
ONA Brooklyn Premium

Hard Graft Box Camera Bag: $455
Hard Graft Box Camera Bag

Hard Graft Box Camera Bag

Hard Graft also makes this Box Bag in a beautiful Ocean Blue.
Hard Graft Box Camera Ocean

Second: Canvas bags.

Vintage Canvas & Leather Bag: $66
Vintage Canvas & Leather Bag

Vintage Canvas & Leather Bag

ONA The Bowery: $139
ONA Bowery Camera Bag

ONA Bowery Camera Bag

Langly Alpha Pro: $249
Langly Alpha Pro

Langly Alpha Pro

Third: All other bags

Tiara Vintage Camera Case: $30
Tiara Vintage Camera Case

Tiara Vintage Camera Case

RISY Cork Camera Bag: $53
RISY Cork Camera Bag

RISY Cork Camera Bag

Golden Rod Suede Camera Bag: $58
GoldenRod Suede Camera Bag

GoldenRod Suede Camera Bag

Striped Tribal Camera Bag: $160
PorteenGear Camera Bag

PorteenGear Camera Bag

Brown Tweed Camera Bag: $199
Camera Messenger Bag

Camera Messenger Bag

Camera Straps

Your gear deserves nice things. Purchasing a quality camera strap with a little bit of flair not only keeps your camera safe but also fills that creative need of having something stand out among the rest.

First: Leather Straps

The least expensive? Do it yourself.

Check out this DIY tutorial by Almost Makes Perfect to make your own leather strap.
DIY Leather Camera Strap

Monogram Personalized Leather Camera Strap: $49
Monogram Leather Strap

Custom Chevron Camera Strap: $50
Custom Leather Camera Strap

Customizable Rustic Leather Camera Strap: $65
Custom Rustic Leather Strap

Canvas & Leather Camera Strap: $85
Canvas and Leather Camera Strap

Custom James Leather Camera Strap: $133
Leather Camera Strap

Sling Shot Leather Camera Strap: $155
Leather Camera Strap

Second: Scarf & Other Fun Straps

Check out this DIY Tutorial to make your own scarf camera strap. The best part is you can choose whatever scarf you want!
DIY Winter Scarf Camera Strap

Organic Cotton Daisy Camera Strap: $55
Camera Strap

Blue In Motion Scarf Strap: $59
blue in motion camera strap

London Fog Knit Camera Strap: $59
London Fog

Namaste Elastic Scarf Strap: $65

Everything Nice Vintage Lace Camera Strap: $62
Everything Nice

Washed Ashore Camera Strap: $130
Washed Ashore

Third: Patterned Straps

Brown Classic Woven Camera Strap: $16
Woven Brown Camera Strap

Polka Dot Camera Strap: $25
Polka Dot Camera Strap

Blueie Camera Strap: $29
Blueie Camera Strap

iMo Indian Blanket Camera Strap: $29
iMo Indian Blanket Camera Strap

Other Resources for Camera Bags and Straps

Maybe you have a great bag that you want to turn into a camera bag. If so, here is a great tutorial by Vanilla & Lace on how to make a custom insert.
Camera Bag Insert DIY

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you have a photographer in the family (or maybe you want to treat yourself), you can get great gifts and inspiration from the Bloom Theory gift packages.
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