Custom Photo Backdrop Ideas

Whether you’re a professional portrait photographer or are throwing a party, having the right backdrop on hand for your studio or photo booth is important. Matching the theme for a big event, having the inventory of different custom backdrops in your studio to get the shot just right with a client, or creating a fun environment for your company function are just a few of the reasons it’s important to think about the kind of backdrops you decide to get. Here are a few tips for selecting the right backdrop.


As a photographer, you’re constantly shifting around your studio or moving from location to location. A wrinkle-free backdrop helps keep those backgrounds looking spotless every single time, especially if you already take a little extra care in storing all of your equipment.

Glare Resistent

If you’re shooting with a backdrop, you more than likely are in an environment that requires a lighting setup. So every single photo taken usually has some sort of flash in it. The last thing you need is to get photos back with glare caused by elements in the photo, which in many cases adds a ton of work during the editing process or can ruin photos outright. Having a photo backdrop that doesn’t produce negative results with your lighting setup allows for more creative freedom when setting up a studio or photo booth.


Like mentioned earlier on, a photographer can really beat up their equipment with how much they use it for shooting. Have a durable, high quality backdrop will help it last for years.


To get a good photo using a backdrop, you usually want it to show around 2 feet on either side behind the person. Choosing the right size of backdrop will depend on how many subjects will be in each photo. This is great information to know if you’re throwing a big party where there might be large groups of people.

Recommended sizing:

  • 1 Person can fit on a 4 foot wide backdrop
  • 2 People – 6′ wide
  • 3-4 People 8′ wide
  • 5-6 People 9′ -10′ wide
  • 8-9 People 12′ wide
  • 10-11 People 16′ wide
  • 12 People 20′ wide

Here is a list of interesting examples and themes to gain inspiration for your next photo shoot or booth. For more great photo backdrop ideas, check out Photo Pie who gave us permission to use all of these images. You can also order a free sample of their high quality products on their website.


To bring your photo shoot to life, pick patterns that work well with the client you’re working with and pair up an interesting background with a unique floor mat.

blue pattern backdrop

brown pattern backdrop

green pattern backdrop

pink pattern backdrop

colorful pattern backdrop

Solid Colors

Having a variety of solid colors to work with in your studio will give you the best opportunity to succeed at every single shoot.

brown backdrop

black backdrop

beige backdrop

aqua backdrop

sage backdrop

pink backdrop

peach backdrop

orange backdrop

light blue backdrop

fuchsia backdrop


Having the right photo backdrop for your holiday party or haunted house will make your event stand out among the rest.


christmas backdrop

christmas tree backdrop

christmas red


easter photo backdrop

spring tree backdrop

flower backdrop


halloween backdrop

cemetery photo backdrop

jack-o-lantern backdrop

Valentine’s Day

paris backdrop

rose colored dream backdrop

roses backdrop


With every season comes a change in scenery. Match your studio or photo booth themes with spring, summer, autumn, and winter photo backdrops.


pink flowers backdrop

spring backdrop

sunflower fields


beach sunset

dock on the bay backdrop

park field backdrop


autumn branch

autumn road

autumn trees backdrop


snow aspens backdrop

snowy road backdrop

winter backdrop


A fun photo backdrop will help bring out the authentic smiles and joys of being a kid.

balloon photo backdrop

candy color backdrop

paint splatter photo backdrop

phonebooth pond

rockstar backdrop