25 Cool Camera Decals and Stickers for Your MacBook

The MacBook has become a popular computer to use for a lot of photographers. The sleek design and Apple brand are two of the reasons people opt for making it their ideal laptop. The MacBook is expensive though which deters some users from buying it.

People enjoy showing off their interests and a photographer who chooses to use a MacBook for their work will benefit from the simple design the computer has. With the Apple logo as the only decoration on the back of the MacBook, the possibilities are endless for how to show off your love of photography.

Typically, decals and stickers are the most popular forms of decoration and you’ll find thousands of interesting subjects to choose from. But because we are focusing on photography, check out these 25 cool camera decals and stickers that will make your MacBook match your passion.

Old Timey Retro Film Camera ($8.99)
Retro Film Camera Decal

Camera Decal ($12.99)
Macbook Decal Photography

5 Camera Icons ($19.99)
Camera Macbook Decal

Vintage Film Camera Side Silhouette ($5.99)
Camera Decal Photography

Polaroid ($5.99)
Camera Decal

Flash Camera Silhouette ($5.99)
Photography Sticker Macbook

Camera Lens ($7.99)
Camera Macbook Sticker

Flash Film Camera ($5.99)
Flash Camera Decal

Canon EOS 40D Camera Mode Dial ($18.00)
Canon 40D Dial

Nikon D90 Camera Mode Dial ($18.00)
Nikon D90 Dial

Artistic Camera ($19.99)
Camera Macbook Decal

Leica Camera Mode Dial ($18.00)
Leica Camera Mode Sticker

Smile ($12.99)
MacBook Decal Camera

Tree Camera ($19.99)
Tree Camera sticker

Decorative Camera ($14.99)
Camera MacBook Decal

I Shoot People ($11.99)
Camera Decal MacBook

Polaroid Camera ($11.99)
Polaroid Decal MacBook

Point and Shoot ($11.99)
Point and Shoot Camera

Camera Crack ($19.00)
Camera Crack

Camera ($5.99)
Camera Photographer

Camera Shutter ($11.99)
Camera Shutter

Vintage Camera ($5.99)
Vintage Camera

Creative Camera ($8.00)

Lens ($19.00)
Photo Sticker MacBook

Old Camera ($11.99)
Cool Camera Decal