40 Outstanding Examples of Conceptual Photography

Some genres like landscape photography are easy to identify. However, more abstract genres like conceptual photography can seem vague and even confusing, especially for beginners. What does a conceptual photo look like, exactly? And how can you know whether your photo fits that label?

Basically, you can call your photo “conceptual” if you’re using it to illustrate a specific idea. You’re not just capturing a beautiful or interesting scene. You’re trying to help people visualize a concept.

Although it’s possible to “discover” an idea after the shoot, conceptual photographers usually have ideas in mind before shooting. The challenge is to communicate those ideas successfully in practice. For example, the photographer might choose to use symbolism. Will viewers understand those symbols, though? If not, does that matter?

Below are some great examples of conceptual photography taken from our Flickr group. Their awesome work might inspire you to go out and shoot your own conceptual photos. If you do, be sure to submit your images to the group!

julian oh — The Hunt For Blue September #1
The Hunt For Blue September

Ronen Goldman — identity crisis
identity crisis

conceptual photography

Ronen Goldman — We are meant for each other
We are meant for each other

Ronen Goldman — “The Voyagers”
The Voyagers

Ronen Goldman — curiosity

Ronen Goldman — The Day She Tried to live
The Day She Tried to live

Sarah Ann Loreth — sleepwalking

Rakib Hasan Sumon — Love Journey <3
Love Journey

Ade Santora — Resilient

Ade Santora — Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect

Ade Santora — Two Face
Two Face

Ade Santora — Blind with Anger
Blind with Anger

Ade Santora — Watch out!
watch out

Ade Santora — I’m not alone
I'm not alone

Nxarl Shyam — There is hope.
there is no hope

Heather Graves — Self Portrait- Pulled into faerieland.
self portrait

Heather Graves — Release

Yane Naumoski — Day 302: Sinister days (#2) – Possessed
sinister days

Yane Naumoski — Day 315: Sweet November
sweet november

Yane Naumoski — Day 316: Cookie Thief
cookie thief

Yane Naumoski — Day 330: The Ultimate Selfie
ultimate selfie

Yane Naumoski — Paper boat
paper boat

Sian Grahl — She Wolf
she wolf

Berit Alits — 2014
conceptual photography

Berit Alits — Dancer in the dark
dance in the dark

Berit Alits — Erin

Berit Alits — Courtney

Anh Tu Nguyen — The Lifeless Silhouette
The Lifeless Silhouette

Anh Tu Nguyen — Leaden Winged Burden
Leaden Winged Burden

Ted — the ghost in you
the ghost in you

Arianna Ceccarelli — Buried by spider webs
Buried by spider webs

Arianna Ceccarelli — H U N T

Arianna Ceccarelli — Bipolarismo

Arianna Ceccarelli — Devil’s Night
devil's night

Arianna Ceccarelli — Fragile

AustinGartman — Marking the Days till Freedom
Marking the Days till Freedom

Alexandro Valcarcel — No Disguise
No Disguise

Alexandro Valcarcel — Invitation to Light
Invitation to Light

Silvia Ana Cabieses — is this art?
is this art?