31 Majestic Examples of Mountain Photography

Mountains are some of the most awe-inspiring objects in the world. These majestic giants can be brutal and beautiful at the same time. That’s one of the reasons why mountains are so fascinating. As a landscape photographer, there is literally and figuratively no way around mountains. Once you see a beautiful mountain you have to capture it, then climb up the mountain to get a picture of the view.

Mountain photography is not an easy discipline. The landscape can be harsh and difficult to travel through. It also takes skill to photograph these giants in a way that does justice to their grandness. If you’re interested in learning more about mountain photography, a good place to start is Grant Ordelheide’s A Simple Guide to Photographing Big Mountains. In the guide, Grant covers topics such as mountain safety, lighting, and composition.

Examples of Mountain Photography

This collection of mountain photos has been selected from our Flickr group. Hopefully it will inspire you to take your own amazing mountain photos.

✓ Елена Пејчинова — Highland Sunlights
mountains macedonia

Julio López Saguar — Mountains
mountains spain

Dennis — Magic of Glendalough
mountain Glendalough Ireland

Amine Fassi — Oukaimeden
Oukaimeden mountains

Franck-Emanuel GOGUER — Good light, great mountains
mountains pyrenees

Jens Fersterra — bastei
mountains saxony

Ahmad Syukaery — Toba Sunrise from Tele
mountains indonesia

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Reflejos2

Henryk W. — Yosemite
mountains yosemite

Rebecca — High Hopes
mountains alaska

Shirren Lim — .gyantze dzong.
mountain tibet

Jens Fersterra — kirkjufellsfoss
mountain iceland

Dave Allen — Blue Ridge Blues – Blue Ridge Parkway Scenic Landscape
Appalachian Mountains

jar [o] — Long Lake, California
mountains Long Lake, California

stega60 — Alpe Saléi Ticino
mountains Switzerland

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Untitled

Amine Fassi — Oukaimeden
mountains morocco

Jens Fersterra — arctic waves
mountains lofoten Norway

Manuel Palma — Monument
mountain Italy

Kainet — Untitled
mountains Chile

Ahmer Inam — Storm
mountains glacier national park

Danielle Sheehan Photography — Mt Wakefield
mountain new zealand

Danielle Sheehan Photography — Reflecting on Aoraki
mountains new zealand

Dave Allen — Smoky Mountains Sunrise – GSMNP National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Alejandro Garcia Bernardo — Casares

✓ Елена Пејчинова — Piling Layers of Mount Korab
mountains macedonia

Ahmad Syukaery — Farmers harvesting rice, Vang Vieng, Laos
mountains laos

Tristan ‘Shu’ Lebeschu — High Up
mountains france

Jens Fersterra — Djupvika
mountains lofoten norway

Ahmer Inam — Cascades
mountains cascades

Gerardo “Tito” Paez — Fuego!
mountains argentina