25 Inspirational Portrait Photographer Instagrams to Follow

Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms out there and with it’s focus centered around photos, it’s natural for photographers to gravitate to and feature their work on this popular app. Standing out among the millions of other users can be a challenge though, and uploading a few good photos won’t always make it happen. Here are a few tips to help take your photography Instagram account to the next level.

Post great photos. One of the major factors in standing out among the crowd is to be the best – or at least be REALLY good at what you do. Refine your craft, challenge yourself, and work everyday at becoming a better photographer.

Be consistent. Find a topic (like portrait photography) and make it a primary focus of your account. Post every day, or even more than once a day. Find your creative editing style and continue to build on it. Really, any efforts that show consistency on your account will contribute to growing in the niche you’d like to target.

Interact with your audience. Take a few minutes a day and respond to your photo comments, like your followers’ photos, and become an interactive community member. Putting in the extra effort can make a world of a difference in your social media growth.

Check out your competition. Are you following popular accounts that you feel you can compete with? What are they doing that makes them so great? You don’t want to go out and copy their photo compositions or techniques; continue to build on your own creative style. You should instead ask yourself questions like; are they using certain hashtags that are working well, posting at certain times, or putting in the extra time with their followers that makes their photography account stand out among the rest? Find out what your competition is doing and do it 10x better.

Portrait Photographer Instagrams

Here are 25 inspirational accounts that feature a lot of beautiful portrait photographs. Some are dedicated accounts with a large following and others are photographers who shoot a variety of gorgeous portraits and other photo subjects, some with a smaller reach but still a unique style that you might like.

Kevin Vandenberghe


Emily Star Poole


Erik Ellingson

Portrait Page

Discover Portrait

The Portrait System



Portraits of the Day

AOV Portraits

Portrait Mood

Portrait Killers

Portrait Inspiration

Portrait Society

Makenzy Smith

National Portrait Gallery

Jonah Greenman

Jessica Cathleen Photography

Jeff Porto


Emily Gualdoni Photo

Dawn Photography

Christy Ivory