Vintage Nikon Advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s

The Nikon Corporation has been producing innovative products and technologies for almost 100 years (Nippon Kogaku K.K. was established in 1917). As one of the top camera and lens makers today, it’s always interesting to reflect back on some of the vintage photography gear that they’ve produced and promoted. Here are a few vintage Nikon advertisements from the 1950s and 1960s that may bring back some memories for some of you.

Nikon Advertisements from 1955

there will be better pictures tomorrow
Nikon S-2
Classic Nikon Ad 1955

now…the trend is Definitely to 35mm
Nikon Ad 1955

An Advertised Statement Summarizing the Features of the New Nikon S-2
Nikon S-2 1955 Ad

The New Nikon S-2
Combines More Proven Advantages Than Any Other 35mm Camera
Nikon S-2 1955

Nikon S-2
Little Differences That Count When You Choose a 35mm Camera
Nikon S-2 Advertisement 1955

Available Light Photography…an idea born with the 35mm camera…is now a reality with the New Nikon S-2 Camera and the famous NIKKOR lenses
S-2 Nikon 1955

This is the new Nikon S-2…and these are the 5 Most Talked About Features
The New Nikon S-2 1955

Nikon Advertisements from 1960

rangefinder-coupled or automatic reflex
the finest ’35’ you can own is a NIKON
Nikon 35mm 1960

approach to 35mm photography!
Nikon 35mm camera 1960

if you were designing the perfect 35mm reflex…how many of these requirements would you include?
Nikon 35mm reflex 1960

the inherent versatility that works for you in the NIKON F
Nikon F 1960

now…the famous NIKKOR f1.4 with automatic diaphragm for the NIKON F automatic reflex
Nikon F automatic reflex 1960

NIKON offers you the complete
Nikon Vintage Advertisement 1960

Nikon Advertisements from 1965

micro, macro, & astro photography
exemplifies the almost unlimited versatility of the Nikon F
Micro Macro Astro Nikon 1965

‘Thru-the-Nikkor’ exposure control for the Nikon F is not only available.
Nikkor Exposure Control Ad 1965

This is the new Nikkormat automatic slide projector, with 4 inch Nikkor f3.5 lens.
You couldn’t ask for a better lens on your camera!
nikkormat slide projector 1965 ad
Nikkor lens 1965

It ain’t easy.
Nikkorex 1965

You won’t outgrow the Nikkorex Auto-35…not for years
Nikkorex Auto-35 advertisement 1965

This $109.50 camera body uses the finest lenses available to 35mm photographers
Nikkorex F 1965

same distance, same camera, same lens
Nikkorex vintage ad 1965

“thru-the-Nikkor” exposure control for just under $270
the Nikkormat FT a totally new SLR from Nikon
Nikkormat 1965

automatic fire power!
Nikon F ad 1965

The old Nikon F has a new meter system.
Nikon F meter system 1965

This is the type A screen for the Nikon F. If you don’t like it, take it out. There are 13 others.
Nikon F Type A Screen 1965

Today…Matthew Brady probably would have used a Nikon
Nikon Photo Ad 1965

Not fit for man or beast…duck soup for the Nikonos
Nikonos 1965

brings view camera versatility to 35mm photography
PC-Nikkor 1965

it’s interchangeable!
Photomic T Nikon F 1965

How about a used Nikon?
Used Nikon 1965 Ad

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