Urban Exploration Photography by Ben Schreck

Urban Exploration is the exploring of urban (mostly) abandoned structures. An interesting topic, which you can raise to an art form with the help of photography.

Ben comes from Germany and is has been a photographer for more than ten years. As well as photography, he is interested in history and landscapes, which is reflected in his pictures. Ben has been engaged for years with the subject of lost places and the beauty within it. He has explored many forgotten places, building an impressive collection of photos from various lost places, from abandoned industry to lost house, castles, laboratories to military facilities.

In this series of Urban Exploration Photography, Ben shows scenes of beauty in decay. Most of these photos were taken in castles and
magnificent houses that have been abandoned for years where the decay has a special charm.

Explore more of Ben Schreck’s work here, www.explorerviews.de.
Check out Ben’s facebook page here, https://www.facebook.com/explorerviews


urban decay

dinner-room -decay

le Foyer

lost places


Mums Kitchen


urbex chateau