Transferring Photos To Wood: 7 Helpful DIY Projects

Transferring your photos to wood is a wonderful way to add a rustic element to your prints, and it’s a great way to preserve your memories in a way that will last for years. Whether you’re personalizing a room in your home, looking for the perfect gift, or just want to do a hands on project, these helpful resources will make for a great afternoon activity.

Paging Fun Mums – How To Make a Beautiful Keepsake by Transferring Photos Onto Wood
If you have tons of pictures in your photo albums and need a trendy way to display or keep them in good shape, this DIY project could be for you. With just a few items needed from the craft store, you will have everyone admiring your photo displays. If you’re feeling ambitious, creating a personalized photo wood wall cluster is an awesome way to fill up free wall space.

photo wood transfer

Parental Perspective – DIY Wood Slice Photo Transfer
Want to get a little more creative with your images? Try this really cool photo transfer method on a wood slice to give your picture the geometrical flare you’ve been looking for.

Maiden – DIY Wood Photo Transfer Ornaments
Holiday season is right around the corner, make sure you’re ornament prepared! These personalized wooden ornaments make for a great gift and are the perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree.

pallet photo transfer

Little House of Four – DIY Pallet Photo Transfer Art
Cheap and easy to find, pallets are such a wonderful craze. This photo transfer process can be done with any decal or even a personal photo.

Project Nursery – How to Mount a Photo to Wood
If you’re wanting a clean and crisp look, this simple project is great for you. With minimal supplies needed, this unique way of featuring your photos will help them stand out beautifully.

wood photo coaster

ManMade – How to Make DIY Instagram Coasters with Your Own Photos
Coasters are something that are seen and used by many. Transferring photos to wood coasters is an awesome way to show off your pictures to those gathering with drinks. Also, since many coasters are square, why not display those beautiful Instagram shots.

Kammy’s Korner – Easy Graphic Transfer Tutorial on Wood
Freezer paper and sealer is essentially all you’ll need to spice up an old vintage table, or even a creative slab of wood with your cool graphic or photo.

All of these wood transferring ideas listed above are a great way to spark your inner creativity. For most of these rainy day projects all you need is supplies from the craft store and a little bit of work. When framing photos gets boring and you’re looking for more spice, you can now turn to the wood transfer process as another option.