Photo Print Storage and Organization Ideas

Staying organized as a photographer is a must. Even the casual hobby type can come back from a vacation with thousands of photos to sort through. That’s the beauty and the curse of digital photography. Whether you’re a professional who is putting together portfolios for clients or a mom who just loves taking pictures of your kids, having a system of organizing and storing all the prints you make is important. Here is a short list of resources and articles that hopefully will give you a few good photo print storage and organization ideas.

Photo Organization

Pinterest – Photo Storage
Users on Pinterest have posted thousands of ideas to store prints. You’ll find DIY projects, albums, boxes, shelves, and many more unique ideas to make photo storage look cool.

wikiHow – 6 Ways to Store Photographs
Frome frames to boxes, this article explains 6 different ways to store prints. The author also includes tips to help keep your photos in top condition when being stored.

The Art of Simple – Simple Ways to Store Photos
If you’re wondering how to organize your photos, Tsh Oxenreider writes about how her family keeps prints organized.

Home Storage Solutions – How To Organize Photos & Negatives To Preserve Your Memories
This 8 step plan will make you a better photographer when it comes to storing your photos.

Mom 365 – Easy Systems for Photo Storage Backup and Organization
This blog post not only offers great ideas for backing up and storing your photos, it also gives you a simple workflow to help get you get into a routine.

BHG – How to Organize Photos
This helpful article by Better Homes and Garden gives some great techniques and ideas for organizing both your digital and print photos.

Generic Photo Storage Boxes
Sometimes the best idea is the simplest one. These photo storage boxes hold over 1000 photos, come in many different colors, and are cheap. Although sometimes cheap isn’t the best way to go when trying to preserve your memories.

photo storage box