20+ Great Mugs for Photographers

Whether you’re trying to get a fantastic sunrise shot or staying up all night photographing star trails, photographers need their caffeine. Nothing’s better than a perfect cup of coffee or tea to get you going–except, perhaps, for a photography-themed cup of coffee or tea.

It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you got it. A coffee mug that matches your personal philosophy as a photographer, or simply makes you smile before a shoot, can be a great way to start a photography adventure. It can also start conversations and help advertise your photography business.

Here are some options out there for photographers who like drinking their tea or coffee in style.

Show Off Your Specialization

Capture the World

This mug is great for travel photographers, but also for anyone who sees their backyard as as entire world of its own.

capture the world mug

Can’t Escape The Mamarazzi

For all those moms who got into photography after their kids were born, this one’s for you.

photographer mug

Photography Puns

Oh, Crop.

A pun that never gets old for photographers.

oh crop

Oh, Snap!

Throwing you back to the nineties.

oh snap

I Shoot People

If you have a somewhat dark sense of humor.

i shoot people mug

Other Photography Humor

Camera Lens Mug

This mug can draw surprise, laughs and conversation. It’ll look like you’re pouring coffee into a lens, which might shock your photographer friends the first time they see it. It could be an April Fool’s joke, or just a fun prank. There are dozens of companies that sell versions of this design, but this one gets the best reviews.

lens mug photographer

Today is So F/5.6

You can immediately bond with other photographers over this mug’s joke, while everyone else looks on confused.

funny photographer mug

What The f/Stop

You could have this second f/stop mug when the other one is in the dishwasher.

f stop mug

Forced to Put Down My Camera

Some jokes are also truths, like this one.

camera mug

Saying It Like It Is

Editing Day

When you’re hitting a day (and night) of editing, this mug will help you keep going with caffeine, positive vibes, and a “Do Not Disturb” note.

editing day mug

Coffee Shoot Sleep Repeat

Some weeks of the year can feel this way for professional photographers, especially if they shoot weddings in the summer.

coffee shoot sleep repeat

What’s Your Super Power

Clearly, photographers are awesome.

freeze time photographer

Photography is My Therapy

Who needs a psychiatrist when you’ve got a camera, no obligations, and a beautiful weekend?

photography is my therapy

Love, Beauty, and Photography

Photography is a Love Affair with Life.

Sometimes, you find a quote that perfectly matches how you feel.

photography love affair

Personal Photo

If you’re especially proud of one of your photos, why not design your own photo mug? If you’re a professional photographer, you can also put your name or business on the mug. It’s a cheap way to advertise and share your passion with others.

photo mug


In case all you want with your coffee is a beautiful camera.

cool photography mug


It’s why photographers can be poor, yet happy.

love photography mug


It’s Not the Camera

This mug can help you remember to get out and rack up experience, rather than browse new cameras and gear online for another hour.

it's not the camera mug

Masters Worry About Light

After all, the word “photography” means “drawing with light” in Greek.

light photographer mug

Camera Smile

This mug combines the charm of vintage cameras with a reminder to smile–which, after a cup of coffee, should be easier.

smile camera photography mug

Be Amazing and Sleep

Keeping your real life goals in focus.

amazing photographer mug