Helpful Tools for Creating, Sharing and Discovering Lighting Diagrams

Ever wanted to document your latest lighting setup or maybe check out how other photographers are setting up their lights? Below are several tools to help you do just that.

Lighting Diagram Tool
An online tool that helps you create and save your lighting setups. You can also setups created by other photographers. is iPhone and iPad compatible.

Kevin Kertz Photoshop Template
Lighting Diagram Tool
This is a nice Photoshop file containing all the studio elements you will need to create some nice lighting diagrams.

Online Lighting Diagram Creator
Lighting Diagram Tool
Another great online tool to help you create and save lighting diagrams. They also have nice online community of strobists that share their setups.

Photo Diagrams
Lighting Diagram Tool
A simple flash based tool that allows you to quickly create a lighting diagram and save as a jpeg or print it.

Strobox iPhone App
Lighting Diagram Tool
A nice iPhone app to assist you in creating, saving and even emailing your lighting setups. Make sure and check out their community site where you can learn from all types of photographers how they set up their amazing photos.