Havasu Falls Photos: Grand Canyon Oasis in the Desert

Havasu Falls is one of the great, not-so-secret spots of the Grand Canyon. Located on the Havasupai Indian reservation adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park, Havasu Falls is truly an oasis in the desert. The turquoise waters attract photographers from all over looking to juxtapose the cool, blue waters against the warm, red canyon. Despite its popularity, these waterfalls are not easy to get to.

A hot, ten mile hike is required to access the falls and the campground is highly regulated and patrolled by the Havasupai Tribe. Getting permits to camp near the falls is very competitive and reservations must be made well in advance. If you are lucky enough to get down there, photographic opportunities will present themselves at every turn.

Here are some Havasu Falls photos that I took on my trip as well as a few other locations in Havasupai that are perfect for pictures. Check out my Instagram (@grantordelheide) and website to see more images of this beautiful area.

Hiking through the canyon on the way to Havasu Falls
canyon havasupai

The village of Supai is two miles above the falls and all visitors must check in here before continuing to the falls or will be subject to heavy fines.

The turquoise color of Havasu Creek is due to high amounts of calcium carbonate found in the water.
havasu falls

Expect to be camping with hundreds of your closest friends. In the campground, hammocks outnumber tents since it is often very hot and there are plenty of trees to hang them from.
havasu falls hammock

These falls are huge and sometimes the scale can be lost. Putting a person in your photos can really help add a sense of scale to these massive waterfalls.
havasu falls sunset

Mooney Falls is located a little ways down the canyon from Havasu Falls. Getting to the base requires a bit of a scrambled down the cliff side protected with chains to hold on to. If you aren’t too afraid of heights, the views from the bottom are definitely worth it.
mooney falls

During the day, the water is the only place to avoid the heat.
mooney falls

Hiker at the base of Havasu Falls.
havasu falls hiker

Two miles down canyon of Mooney Falls, is Beaver Falls. If you are up for the hike, this waterfall is very beautiful and offers plenty of places for swimming and photography.
beaver falls arizona