19 Free Resources for Photographers

Improving your photography takes a lot of time and dedication to continually learn how to use your equipment better, how to present the best compositions with each subject, and how to perfect your post-production workflow. Whether this process comes naturally or not to a photographer, everyone can benefit from conversations with other photographers, excellent software and post-processing resources, and anything else others have spent years crafting.

Here are 19 free resources for photographers that will hopefully provide you with valuable insights to help improve your photography. All the resources on this list were found on PhotoWhoa, one of our supporting partners that offers products specifically for photographers looking to improve their photography. There are many other free items they offer that might prove to be very helpful in your photography journey, whether you have professional aspirations or not, so take some time and browse their site today!

Galaxy Fire Photo Overlays

Galaxy Overlays

You no longer have to worry about your photos being too dull or about scenes you just couldn’t get right. With the 10 Free Galaxy Fire photo overlays, you can add a little flair to your photos and do all your editing in no time at all. Plus they are fun and user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have trouble using them even if you’re a novice.

Lightroom Presets Bundle

15 Free Lightroom Presets Bundle

Adobe Lightroom is a very popular photo editing software program among photographers. From its high-quality post-production capabilities to the ease of organizing and storing photos, there are many reasons why Lightroom continues to be the best software available on the market today.

One popular editing feature in Lightroom are presets, or the ability to add a workflow that can be implemented with a click of a button. Here are 15 free Lightroom presets that are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4,5,6 and CC, covering a variety of different styles that may be useful in your own post-production process.

Vintage Photoshop Actions

18 Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

Adobe Photoshop is also very popular among photographers, especially if they enjoy being creative with their photography. Photoshop also provides a post-production, one-click editing tool called actions. Here are 18 free Photoshop actions that focus on the vintage theme, a style that’s become quite popular lately.

PS Actions for Family Portraits

Family PS Actions

Doing family portraits is never easy. Everyone has an opinion for how they want the photos to turn out, and sometimes getting that perfect shot can be a leap. These 30 portrait Photoshop actions considerably reduce your editing time and help you achieve the exact look that the family wants. It’s a win-win.

What Camera Should You Really Buy?

Camera Resource Guide

To become a great photographer, you have to build skills that set yourself apart from other photographers and you have to find a camera that works well with your style. However, there are tons of cameras out there, and it’s easy to feel confused during your search. This helpful resource guide is just what you need to navigate the tricky camera market to get the right camera for your needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Photography in New York City

New York City Photography Guide

New York is a buffet of photography delights. From the Times Square to the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, there’s no shortage of incredible sights and scenes to capture. But New York is a huge city, too. And while we are all aware of the famous sights, there’s a lot more to New York than famous places. With this guide to photographing New York, you will get all the information on famous tourist attractions and other hidden gems that would make great photography subjects.

Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Ideas

Night Photography Guide

Creating quality photos at night can be hard. This is especially true for photographers who don’t have the necessary night photography tools. Not only do you need adequate light, but you also need to have the knowledge to go along with the night photography tools. Alister Benn’s Introduction to Night Photography Guide is a popular resource that teaches you how to create stunning night photographs effortlessly. You’ll learn about all the tools you need and practical ideas to help you unravel the mysteries of the night.

An Essential Guide to Learning Flash Portrait Photography

Flash Portrait Photography Guide

This powerful photography resource guide is packed with tips for effectively and intelligently manipulating different types of flash photography. It is a useful tool for anyone who wants to be a master in flash photography.

Photo Naturalist’s Free eBook on Wildflowers Photography

Flower Photography Guide

If you love nature, then you probably know that nature doesn’t always provide you with the best photography background. It’s either too windy or a little too dark, and sometimes the weather is the opposite of what you want. This eBook from the Photo Naturalist will teach you 13 ways to conquer these challenges and get your wildflower photography just right. You’ll also learn the intricacies of practical outdoor photography in relation to wildflower photography.

Portrait Guide to Posing Women’s Hands

Portrait Photography Guide

Women often love their photos to be just right: a perfect smile, a chin held up straight, shoulders back, and head held up high. However, there’s one thing that we all overlook – the hands. Posing your model’s hands wrong is just as detrimental as having a broken camera or amateur knowledge. With this portrait guide, you will learn ways to handle your model’s hands and tips to help you create natural poses.

The Fine Art Photography Collective Vol. 1

The Fine Art Photography Collective Vol. 1

This free photography resource features 10 professional photographer interviews and their answers to the question “How do you stopping taking photographs and start making art?” Understand what goes on in each of these photographers’ minds and learn more about the details of their work, which hopefully will provide inspiration for your own photography goals.

The Fine Art Collective Vol. 2

The Fine Art Collective Vol. 2

Here is another collection of fine art photographers giving a glimpse into their inspiration and techniques behind gorgeous landscape images, beautiful portraits, and creative scenes that require a different approach or way of thinking.

The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective Vol. 1

The Professional Portrait Photographers Collective Vol. 1

Learn from 10 accomplished portrait and fashion photographers in this helpful photography resource. It features a collection of images and conversations that will help you understand how successful photographers work through problems when taking photos and the struggle and doubts that come with trying to improve their photography.

The Los Angeles Collective Vol. 1

The Los Angeles Collective Vol. 1

This is a collection 10 interviews of professional photographers who have made a mark in Los Angeles photography. They talk about their best tips, techniques, and styles they focus on when shooting fashion, portraiture, and street photography. Photographers interviewed include Tyler Shields, Nathaniel Wood, Amanda Friedman, Shawn Nee, Tom M Johnson, Ryan Schude, Maarten de Boer, Jacqueline Di Milla, Jana Cruder, and Benjamin Von Wong.

The Best Landscape Photographers Collective Vol. 1

The Best Landscape Photographers Collective Vol. 1

Becoming a great landscape photographer isn’t just about finding the best view with perfect light. There is so much more hard work and planning that goes into capturing every incredible image. This collection of photographer interviews features a few very talented creatives in the field of landscape, cityscape, and outdoor photography, and will give you insight on the inspiration and techniques they use to make their images.

Beauty Collective Vol. 1

Beauty Collective Vol. 1

Here is another collection of interviews from 10 professional photographers that have specialized in glamour photography. From model shoots to commercial work, you’ll learn tips and techniques from some of the best photographers in the field including Frank Doorhof, Anthony Neste, Jenny Woods, Kristian Schmidt, Luke Schneider, Nick Saglimbeni, Michael Monaghan, Zim Killgore, Michael Zelbel, and Noah Sahady.

The Street Photographer’s Collective Vol. 1

The Street Photographer’s Collective Vol. 1

If you love walking through the city with your camera, not knowing what your next subject will be, then you’ll love this collection of photographers sharing their wisdom and knowledge about street photography.

Christmas Photo Cards

christmas photo cards

Christmas comes early with these 15 free Christmas photo cards. The templates basically give you a basis for design to spark your creativity so that you can fill up the rest. And the fact that they are easy to work with makes your work a whole lot easier.

Save The Date Card Editable Templates For Free

5 Save The Date Card Editable Templates For Free

If you’re a wedding photographer, then you know there’s a lot of work and thought behind every wedding, and not just on the day itself. From planning the shot list to scouting out the venue location, there’s so much a photographer can do to ensure clients won’t worry about one of the most important things in their wedding, the photography. This free photography resource includes 5 free save-the-date card templates, an easy way to provide another high-quality service to your clients. Or it could even be a great item to add to your engagement photo session packages.