DIY Home Studio Photography Projects

Our friend Udi from has released a great resource for all you home studio DIY’ers out there. Home Studio Photography is a complete guide on building a home studio DIY style.

Home Studio Photography
Home Studio Photography is an amazing collection of tutorials, tips and instruction on building your home studio on the cheap. This book is for anyone from the photography student trying to save their money for important things like beer and pizza to the photographer looking for tips on how to mod there current setup.


This book is filled with 16 Full Tutorials, 5 Quick Tips, 3 Ghetto Setups and 3 Cheat Sheets:

Projects Included:
-The Easiest Softbox In The World
-DIY Strip Light
-The Best Softbox Ever
-Continuous Light Softbox
-Turkey Pan Beauty Dish
-Foamboard Reflector
-V Cards
-PVC Diffusion Screen
-The ‘Oh So Famous’ Cereal Snoot
-Coroplast Gridspot
-Black Straws Grid
-PVC Light Stand
-Pony Clamp Stand
-Stick In A Can
-Light Tent
-Underlight With A Cardboard Box

Home Studio Photography

My Two Cents

This is a well put together book that I highly recommend for anyone dreaming of having a home studio but can’t or doesn’t want to pay the crazy money it takes to purchase the equipment you would need. Give it a try risk free. Udi offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee no questions asked. Can’t beat that!

Learn more about and purchase Home Studio Photography here.