Create Amazing Images with Photo Designer

Photo Designer is a powerful collection of Photoshop actions that can help you transform your images into ones that are unique and interesting.

UnionActions have developed a specialized collection of actions that replicate common (and not-so-common) filters and dark room techniques. Our Photo Designer Suite gives you the power to quickly change the entire mood, color, and focus of your image to exactly how you want it to be.

Photo Designer actions are designed to create amazing effects with a click of a button. However, to make our actions as flexible as possible, we give you granular control over every facet of the workflow allowing for endless possibilities.

Photo Designer contains 6 sets of actions: Vintage, Vignette, Tone, Lens Filters, Light Leak, and Toy Camera (Lomo). The entire suite contains 37 individual custom actions. Below are a few examples. To see more go to

From the Vintage set

Vintage Photoshop Actions

From the Vignette set

Vignette Photoshop Actions

From the Tone set

Tone Photoshop Actions

From the Lens Filters set

Lens Filters Photoshop Actions

From the Light Leak set

Light Leak Photoshop Actions

From the Toy Camera (Lomo) set

Lomo Photoshop Actions

From vignettes to lomo, cross processing to light leaks, Photo Designer is the ultimate collection of simple, yet powerful actions. Check out this and other action suites at Union Actions.