4 Quick Tips to Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Award winning photographer Tyler Stableford shares 4 quick tips to go along with a few of his stunning images to help take your photography to the next level. Check out his upcoming workshop in Puerto Rico where Stableford will be sharing more about his workflow and inspiration that has helped make his photos stand out.

All images are copyright Tyler Stableford.

Tip One: Embrace Dynamic Lighting and Lens Flare

I like to employ a high key feel in much of my work, which I accomplish by shooting into the sun with a reflector or a strobe to balance the subjects. Experiment with lens flare and shooting into the sun and see what kind of dynamic images you can create!
Family photo - Tyler Stableford

Climber - Tyler Stableford

Tip Two: Shoot With A Shallow Depth of Field

By shooting with a shallow depth of field, you create selective focus that draws the reader closer into the image.
Portrait - Tyler Stableford

Fighter Pilot - Tyler Stableford

Tip Three: Get The Flash Off The Camera

Avoid the snapshot look and experiment with the placement of flashes and strobes. This will create more unique and dynamic imagery.
Sunset dirt bike - Tyler Stableford

girl weight lift - Tyler Stableford

Tip Four: Get Your Subject Off Center

Create tension in an image through employing the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and placing your subject along the ‘thirds’ sections of a shot.
Tyler Stableford

country road - Tyler Stableford

Tyler Stableford has won multiple film and photography awards over the years including being named “One of the Seven World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers” by Men’s Journal. His commercial and editorial work has earned him worldwide clientele, but that doesn’t distract him from being an avid outdoorsman and a dedicated family man.

Join Stableford for his upcoming photography workshop in Puerto Rico where he’ll share even more tips behind his incredible images. The small class size and beautiful scenery makes this three-day event a perfect opportunity and location to improve your photography technique.

What you will learn:

  • Landscape, travel and portraiture photography composition techniques
  • Lens selection and lighting tools to create more emotional, compelling images
  • Workflow tips and techniques for both photography and digital processing
  • Varieties of lighting situations when photographing models
  • Classroom critiques to open your eyes to different possibilities & improve your photographic skills

Visit the EOS Canon Destination Workshop page to learn more about Stableford and the photography learning opportunity.