10 Useful iPad Apps for Photographers

The iPad is becoming more and more a tool for photographers. With its amazing display and new apps coming out everyday, a photographer will find many uses for this amazing tablet. From apps for inspirations to planning your next shoot, the iPad has a wide range of tools that you can make use of.

Below we have gathered what we think is a compelling collection of apps any photographer will find useful.

Filterstorm Pro

FireStorm Pro has the professional and prosumer in mind. With its robust tool set FireStorm allows you to batch process a ton of high resolution images at once.

iPad Apps for Photographers - FireStorm-Pros


Foliobook’s main mission is to make your work look great. With its many great features, Foliobook is a professional iPad Portfolio



A solid contender in the photo editing app space. Intended more for the everyday photographer and not so much the professional that might need features like RAW editing.



For Lightroom users out there this is a great app to keep your photos organized on the road then import into Lightroom later.


Portfolio for iPad

This is another solid portfolio app for your iPad. It is highly customizable to reflect your branding.


Stuck On Earth

Brought to you by the famous Trey Ratcliff, this app allows you to find hundreds of thousands of the most amazing places on earth to take photos.


The Guardian Eyewitness

Designed to showcase great photography, this inspirational app also has an awesome feature called Pro Tip. Pro Tip is a short blurb on what makes the shot work or goes into the setup of the image being viewed.



Bring the amazing images of 500px.com to your fingertips with this inspirational app.


DSLR Remote

As you might Glean from the apps name, DSLR Remote is an app that remotly controls your camera. Not only can it fire your camera, it has a plethora of other useful features such as auto focus in LiveView, full control over common camera controls, Auto Bracketing and much more.


The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Plan your next natural light landscape or urban shot with this app. Use this app to plan how the sun or moon light will effect your shooting location.


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