10 Unique Clocks for Photographers

If you’re an avid photographer like me or have friends that are photographers, there is a chance they eat, sleep, and think about photography all of the time. And what better way to keep photography infused throughout your life then making everyday objects like a clock remind you why photography is so great. So whether you are looking for that unique gift for your photographer friend or just want to take your hobby up to the next level, we’ve listed 10 clocks below made especially for photographers.

Dslr Camera Lens Clock

This unique clock looks like a lens and has a lot of cool functions. It’s a clock, thermometer, alarm, has music, and projects a colored, starry sky that dances to the rhythms of the music playing. It comes in both black and white and takes 3 AAA batteries. Price: $27

dslr clock

dslr clock

dslr lens clock white

Black and White Vintage Camera Clock

If you’re more of the vintage type, this old-fashioned wall clock will look great in any room. Price: $36

black and white camera clock

Vintage Correspondent Camera Desk Clock

These antique style clocks stand out a little more and come in three styles: rangefinder, folding camera, and box camera. Price: $28

camera desk clock

Camera Lens Wall Clock

A bit more modern looking, the camera lens clock is stylish and shows that you take your photography too seriously. Price: $34

camera lens clock

Capture The Moment Wall Clock

This clock with an illustration by Edmond Hogge Jr. comes in 3 sizes: 10×10, 13×13, and 15×15. Price: $41

capture the moment clock

Peace Love Photographer

With 3 different sizes and 13 different colors, this might be the perfect gift for the hobby photographer in your life. Price: $56

peace love photographer

Retro Film Camera Clock

A simple retro camera clock. Price: $28

retro film camera clock

Smile Camera Clock

The background sports a modern DSLR camera and the word smile, reminding everyone that photography should make you happy. Price: $46

smile camera clock

Rustic Country-Style Round Wall Clock

One of the more popular photographer clocks, the distressed vintage camera style is creative and made to tell you the time for years to come. And if you don’t like the camera, there are 30+ other styles to choose from. Price: $35

vintage round clock