Mesmerizing Macro Images of Snowflakes by Sergey Kichigin

Winter might drive people indoors to rest up by a warm and cozy fireplace, but it also leads many photographers outside to capture the majestic natural beauty of the season. Pictures of untreaded landscapes of freshly-fallen snow offer serenity and calmness.

Every photographer tries to incorporate his or her own style into their work. Shutterstock contributor Sergey Kichigin specializes in mesmerizing macro images of ice and snow. To get these shots, Kichigin works inside a freezing studio where he studies the properties of both water and light. In his native Russia, Kichigin has a few chances each year to grab hold of some snowflakes and rush them into his studio for close investigation.


What emerges inside of Kichigin’s collection is an extreme closeup of the beauty buried inside of ordinary snowflakes. After seeing these crystals shine and show off their different shapes and shades, you won’t look at snow the same way. It might even inspire you to race out the door the next time the weather turns rough. After all, science has proven no two snowflakes are exactly alike.










For more on Sergey and how he captured his amazing collection please check out his interview with Shutterstock here.

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