Landscape Lightroom Presets Bundle

A Complete Editing System for Landscape & Travel Photography


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The Landscape Lightroom Preset Bundle by Photo Argus


  • Presets For The Most Common Scenarios
  • Expand Creativity & Explore New Styles
  • 3 Full Packs for Complete Workflow
  • 40 Presets, 20 Brushes
  • A Photo Argus Exclusive Collection
  • 10+ Years of Preset Creation Experience
  • $59 Launch Pricing $107 (Regular)

What’s Included?

Includes 3 Complete Packs

01. Vibrant Landscapes


The first pack is our vibrant pack, 8 scene-based presets and 17 quick fix presets designed to create color correct, vibrant images that make your images “pop.”  Most images will be 100% done after this step.

02. Stylization Presets


The 2nd pack includes 15 stylization presets.  Use these to experiment and discover beautiful tones for landscape images.  Switch from boho to bright and airy to dreamy magenta and more in a single click.

03. Advanced Brushes


The last pack is our advanced brushes, 20 local adjustments that help you polish and perfect your landscape images, whether you’re bringing back detail in skies or creating drama with dodging and burning.

Regular Pricing – $49.99

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Pack 1

01. Vibrant Landscape Presets

8 Scene-Based Presets

The Vibrant Pack gives you one-click results for color correct, vibrant landscape photography. Included is a preset for the most common scenes and scenarios landscape photographers face. These include:

  1. Sunny Day
  2. Overcast
  3. Fog/Mist
  4. Flare
  5. Sunrise/Sunset (HDR)
  6. Blue Hour
  7. Moonlight
  8. Black and white


17 Quick Fix Presets

In addition, we’ve included 17 presets for our most common adjustments and tweaks.  These include the following:

  • Dynamic Range
  • Contrast
  • Lens Profile
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Reduction 
  • … More

Combined, these 8 scene-based presets and 17 quick fix presets provide a powerful and convenient solution to creating vibrant and timeless landscape photography.

Pack 2

02. Stylization Presets

The next pack in this landscape photography bundle is our stylization presets.  Think of these as your playground for experimenting with different styles.  We’ve created our favorite looks, including the following (hover over each icon to read about the style):


Magenta and purple tones look beautiful over sunsets and night skies. If you're looking for dreamy look to your images, this will be one of your favorites.


Tealscapes gives your images a cool teal tone. These presets look great on oceans, skies, and snowy landscapes.


Use the bluescapes presets to give your blues a punch. These look great for scenes with beaches or blue skies.


Use these presets for a Light and Airy look with a light pastel/pink tone. These presets look best for softer, simpler images.


These presets give your greens a boost. They work best in scenes with greenery, such as forests, jungles, and other scenes in nature.


These give your images a brown, warm tone. These presets are perfect when you're going for a more muted, boho, earthy vibe.

Pack 3

03. Brushes and Local Adjustments

For most images, you should be done after using the first or second preset packs included in the bundle.  However, for those of you who want more advanced control, use our Brushes and Local Adjustements pack.  These include the following:

  • Dodging
  • Burning
  • Sky Recovery
  • Contrast Increase/Decrease
  • Flare Fixer
  • HDR Increase/Decrease
  • Detail Enhancer (Sky)
  • Detail Enhancer (B&W)
  • Saturation Increase/Reduce
  • Stylize – Magenta
  • Stylize – Teal
  • Stylize – Warmth
  • … More!

Created with Experience


These presets were designed by Matthew Saville, an award winning photographer and the senior editor for both SLR Lounge and The Photo Argus.  After 15+ years photographing landscapes and 10+ years creating Lightroom presets, Matt has designed the ultimate landscape photography preset bundle that gives you all of the tools you need in one place.

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