50 Mind-Blowing Examples of Macro Photography

Macro photography is a great way to look at parts of our world that we normally don’t pay attention to. In this sense, macro photographers are explorers that expand our worldview, just like travel photographers. Seeing flowers and insects in all their minute details, makes you realize that there’s always more than meets the eye. Part of the fun of macro photography is showing this hidden beauty.

Enjoy this selection of great macro photography from our Flickr group!

Sarah Bourque — garden visitor
macro bee

Delyth Angharad — Little Fly
macro fly

Greet Polleunis — macro
macro flower

andy510 — flower-1114
macro flower

Alex Greenshpun — Round and Round
macro ladybug

patrickiven — watch you
macro bee

unaisa momoitio — 337#2014/365
macro fly

Ana Matos — Untitled
macro moss

Steven Scott — Yellow Petals Dark center
macro flower

Alex Greenshpun — Tears of a Phoenix
macro drops

drop photography — Untitled
macro fly

patrickiven — Weevil : walk on the edge (snuitkever)
macro weevil

Selim Bozkurt — Grasshopper
macro grasshopper

Ph0n31x — staying together
macro flower buds

grazynaphotography — spring tulip…
macro raindrops on a flower

Ana Matos — spider
macro spider

Anuma Bhattarai — Rocking N Rolling Bee ~ !
macro bee

Sherri Yezbick-Taylor — Yellow Salsify
macro flower

Julie Rideout — Dandelion
macro dandelion

Finn Sumner — Tiny Spider
macro spider

R Casey — warm thoughts
macro flower

Jondaar_1 — Mantis #1
macro praying mantis

Block3Y — Looped!!
macro plant coil

Sarah Bourque — pink
macro flower

Elizme — Flexibility
macro grass

Lidija Bondarenko — Blu Flower Macro
macro flower

Wicaksono Trian Islami — Sharingan..!
macro fly

Enivea — Digging for gold
macro bee

Ph0n31x — Journey……….to…other..side……
macro snail

Amine Fassi — I think he has Repere you … do not move …
macro reptile eye

Alex Greenshpun — Tippy Toes
macro dandelion

patrickiven — macro of Clematis
macro flower

R Casey — Old friends and new adventures
macro dragonfly

Anuma Bhattarai — “A little water is a sea to an ant” ~ !
macro ant

Engeline Tan — Magic Mushroom
macro mushroom

the__edge — Orange Tip
macro butterfly

great greths — Untitled
macro ants

ALOM ART — Lizard
macro lizard

Greg David — Gone are the reds
macro leaf

Wicaksono Trian Islami — Hurdle In Life..
macro insect

Laurens Kaldeway — Kiwi
macro kiwi

Laurens Kaldeway — Lemon/Lime
macro lemon and lime

Nate Hughes — Ladybug Pollination
macro ladybug

Sherri Yezbick-Taylor — Tiger Longwing
macro butterfly

Sherri Yezbick-Taylor — Clematis Star
macro flower

Amine Fassi — Mantis
macro praying mantis

bubbleooooo2007 — Great 8
macro dragonfly

xstc — Sunflower Head
macro sunflower

Alex Greenshpun — Under My Umbrella
macro ladybug

Ricardo Silva — Libélula
macro dragonfly

Resources on Macro Photography

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