40+ Tips for Mountain Landscape Photography

Mountains are some of the most majestic landscape subjects in photography. With their towering peaks, ever changing weather and light, and massive appearance, taking good mountain landscape photos is no easy task. There are photographers out there who have dedicated their whole career to perfecting the art of taking photographs in the mountains. Ansel Adams, one of the most iconic mountain photographers, once said “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.”

glenn. – Mountain and Snow

We recommend reading the book Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape by Galen Rowell. This is a very informative and in depth read in which Rowell discusses the many different qualities of light found in mountain photography. This 5 star rating book is almost 300 pages long and photographers will gain a wealth of knowledge from Rowell’s experience and craft over the years he spent finding the best mountain photos.

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Mountain Photography Tips

Here is a list of excellent blogs that have put together some of the best tips out there to help you further your mountain landscape photography. Some are simple and easy to implement while others require a bit more preparation and planning to improve your photography.

Photography Life – Mountain Photography Tips
Mountain photographer Jack Brauer talks about some of the most important and useful tips when it comes to mountain landscape photography. He talks about location, composition, looking for something special, and resisting the urge to just follow in the footsteps of other photographers. This is a must read that will take some time to get through, but Jack has been doing this a long time and his blog post will definitely inspire and educate any photographer.

Nikon – Tips for Photographing Mountains
Mountains are fascinating photography subjects and Nikon gives a couple of in depth tips that will help you make the most of capturing them in your photos. If you lean towards Nikon, you may find this to be the best article out of all of these.

Nature Photographers – How To Photograph Mountains
Darwin Wiggett talks in depth about understanding light and it’s relation to mountain photography. You never know what type of light you might get as the weather changes fast and dramatically around mountains. So Darwin goes through sunny, overcast, and mixed light days and how to plan your shots accordingly.

Digital Camera World – How To Shoot Peaks From Top To Bottom
This recent article by Jeff Meyer really goes in depth about mountain landscape photography. He covers topics about mountain photography and water and reflection, highlighted peaks, alpine scenes, and actually climbing to the top of the mountain and shooting from there.

Picture Correct – Mountain Landscape Photography Tips
These short but informational tips are perfect for any photographer. This article looks at subjects like golden hour, foregrounds, gear, and a tip for those who think the sweeping vista shot is the best. Here’s another article by Picture Correct that will also improve your mountain photos.

DPS – Tips for Photographing Mountain Lake Reflections
If you love water and reflection shots then there is no better subject than a mountain to include in those. DPS walks through 9 great tips to help capture amazing mountain reflection shots.

Mammoth Lakes – Photography Tips for Mountain Travelers
Not everyone wants to climb and haul all their gear up to the side or top of a mountain just to get that perfectly unique shot. These simple tips are perfect for the traveling photographer who just wants to improve their mountain photography.

Tierra Treks – Tips to Improve Your Mountain Photography
Our last article features tips that talk about fleeting light, unique compositions, scale, and gear.

Hopefully these 40+ tips found in these blog posts have given you a few ideas to help improve your mountain landscape photography. Check out our simple guide to photographing big mountains for more great information on getting the best shot possible in the mountains.