32 Stunning Examples of Black and White Photography

Shooting in black and white forces a photographer to amp up their game. Without being able to fall back on bright colors, the photos have to be compelling in different ways. This challenge is well worth it, though. Just like black and white portraits capture the soul of a person, great black and white pictures show the essence of their subject. Here are a few things you should especially pay attention to when shooting B&W pictures.

  • Composition
  • Contrast
  • Shapes and forms
  • Tones
  • Texture
  • Details

These aspects are alway important in photography, but for black and white photos the stakes are higher. At the same time, the black and white shooting process makes it easier to work on composition, contrast, etc. As the additional color noise disappears, you automatically start to look at the structure of your photos. So whether you create monochromatic photos in post-processing or shoot in black and white directly, you can gain a lot from B&W photography.

For more information on black and white photography, check out these resources.

Digital Camera World — Black and white photography: how to make monochrome stunning
This article has a lot of tips for creating B&W photos. It covers some basic things to keep in mind and also how you can improve B&W pictures in post-processing.

Tuts+ — Mastering the Art of Black and White Photography
In this blog post you’ll find different photography subjects that look great in black and white, and a list of B&W photographers for inspiration.

Black and White Photos

Here is a collection of B&W photos selected from our Flickr group.

Michele Lazzarini — Lost metro
black and white metro

John Salisbury — cold walker
black and white forest with snow

Thanawat Thiasiriphet — The middle of nowhere
black and white man in the snow

James Drury — M
black and white abstract photo of letter M

Thanawat Thiasiriphet — Along the Berlin wall
black and white berlin wall

James Drury — clean feather
black and white drops on feather

Ana GR — it may, or may not, be the right time
black and white clock

Ahmer Inam — Desert Evening
black and white desert

James Drury — black & white
black and white room with couch

Sharon Sperry Bloom — shoe shine shop
black and white shoe shine shop

CJ Schmit — Rockefeller Chapel – B&W
black and white rockefeller chapeler chapel

Thanawat Thiasiriphet — Layers
black and white architecture

Juan Ramón Martos — Con dos / With two
black and white

Saùl Landell — Exodo Lírico
black and white father and kid

Thanawat Thiasiriphet — Keep Walking
black and white man in the fog

Ahmer Inam — Hot Rod
black and white car

Ben Roffelsen — Slice
black and white architecture

Scott Lewis — Nutcracker Rehearsal
black and white ballet

Sharon Sperry Bloom — Hat’s off to you!
black and white hats

drop photography – Untitled
black and white

Shirren Lim — .under the open sky, i walk.
black and white road

Marco Bergner — walnuts
black and white walnuts

Jack Nobre — Bear Skull
black and white bear skull

Debjani Chowdhuri — Make Way for the Q
black and white boat with birds

great greths — cloudscape
black and white clouds

Children of the Mist — Momo´s Helix
black and white spiral staircase

waldo12 — 6 Serenity
black and white tree in snow

John Salisbury — parallel accessed
black and white railroad track

Eugene Lobachev — Untitled
black and white railroad track

James Drury — cottam church
black and white church

Kev Browne — Vik Beach Stacks, Iceland
black and white iceland landscape

Ted — bay bridge night shot
black and white bay bridge