30 Creative Business Card Designs For Photographers

photographer business cardsWhat does an owner of a local cafe, a photographer, and a graphic designer have in common? Of course, it’s a business card. We used to see tons of similar business cards made with white paper and some necessary contact info on it. But everything has changed and these days you need to create a business card that will stand out from the crowd.

As a matter of fact, a photographer’s business card needs to be the one of the most creative. Outside of your amazing photography, an outstanding business card can help people notice and remember you, paying off in the future with new clients. Check out this collection of 30 truly creative business cards for photographers.

Charlotte Elizabeth Photography designed by Stitch Design Co.
Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer Business Card

Juan Josagi designed by Doctor Zamenhof, Cranio Dsg, and Viv Campbell
Juanjo Sagi Photographer Business Card

Lumen Bigott
lumen bigott photography business card

Victoria Holguín Photography designed by Liliana Ospina
photographer business card Victoria Holguin

Zoe Wetherall designed by Nick Edlin
zoe wetherall photography business card

Ana Himes
Ana Himes photographer business card

Federspiel Photography designed by Meg Tiffany
photographer business card by meg tiffany

Marc Romer Photography designed by Se ha ido ya mama
marc romer photography business card

Lauren Logan Photography designed by Ellen Giles
lauren logan photography business cards

Michael Carr Photography designed by Alexandra Daley
letterpress business cards

Chad Powell
chad powell photographer business card

Rafael Tsuzuki Photography designed by Carolina Valentim
rafael tsuzuki photographer business card

Laura Taylor Photography designed by Lili Ribeira
laura taylor photography business card

Ali Winston Photography designed by Kathryn Winston
ali winston photography business cards

YSL Photo designed by studio moho and Li-Ting Wang
YSL photography business card

Elise Dantec Photography designed by Gerd Afforti
elise dantec photography business cards

Tim Jones Photography designed by Jason Little, Olivia King, and For The People
tim jones photographer business card

Demetrius Austin designed by Jane Kathryn Teo
photographer business card

Frederik Laux Photography designed by Christian Vögtlin, ADDA Studio, and Mario Kober
Frederik Laux Photography business card

MB Photography designed by Chaiti Patel
photographer business cards

Two Sisters Photography designed by Katie Melnick, Jasen Melnick, and Fizz Creative
two sisters photography biz card

Scott Regan Photo designed by Caryn Constantinides
scott regan photo business card

Lauren Tomasella Photography designed by Anika Samples Koehler
photographer business cards

Anthony Alexander designed by Clement Porquez, Tom Gavand, and Be Graphix
Anthony Alexander photography business card

Ben Meïr Ohayon designed by 26 Lettres
bm photographer business card

Fred Beard Photography designed by Line Godefroid
fred beard photography business card

Aljaž Hafner Photography designed by Vida Iglicar
Aljaž Hafner Photography photography business card

Marton Molnar Photography designed by Zsofi Szabo
marton molnar photography business card

Kontuš Photography designed by Igor Manasteriotti
studio kontus photography business cards

Exposure Photo Supply designed by Chantalle Guptill
exposure photo supply business card

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