13 Helpful Tutorials and Tips For Taking Great Fireworks Photos

The New Year is just around the corner and for many of us that means getting out the camera and trying our hand at taking a few great fireworks photos. The window of opportunity for a good shot can be small. It can be dependent on the weather, how long a fireworks show last, how big of production it is, whether or not you’ll be able to shoot more than one performance in one night, and it could be the only time you actually get to take fireworks pictures all year long.

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Tutorials and Tips For Taking Great Fireworks Photos

If you haven’t already put together a list of settings and put your gear together in anticipation of the fireworks celebration on New Year’s Eve, you probably should. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional photographer, going over the basics and looking for new creative ways to make great fireworks photos is essential in the week leading up to the event. We’ve put together a list of 13 helpful tutorials and tips from some great websites out there that will offer a photographer a wealth of information for fireworks photography.

DPS – How To Photograph Fireworks Displays
The team over at Digital Photography School have a nice breakdown of the steps you need to take to shoot great firework displays.

New York Institute of Photography – How To Photograph Fireworks
The NYIP has published articles in the past that have been some of the most visited tutorials by photographers on how to shoot fireworks. This article by them also ranks up there as one of the best.

B&H – How to Photograph Fireworks
We all know B&H as one of the best camera and video stores but did you know they also have a pretty amazing blog? They’ve got a pretty useful fireworks photo post for you to gain a few tips from.

Craftsy – Get More From Your Fireworks Photos
Also known more for their tutorials and classes with crafts, cooking, and other creative hobbies, Craftsy has a nice blog as well with free tips, giveaways, and more with a category dedicated just for photographers. Check out their blog post about getting more out of your fireworks photos.

DPS – 15 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography
Here is another great article written by Darlene over at DPS that gives 15 concise tips for fireworks photography. This post is great for those who just need a few quick reminders on how to set things up.

Nikon – Tips for Taking Great Fireworks Photos
They make great cameras and gear, so Nikon should know how to set things up for those pretty explosions. Check out their tutorial for taking great fireworks photos and see if they work for you.

National Geographic – How to Photograph Fireworks
Leave it to National Geographic to present gorgeous photos along with clear tips so you can capture the same beauty on your camera.

SLR Lounge – Fireworks Photography Tips and Tutorials
Joe Marshall walks the reader through the setup, location, focus settings, white balance, exposure, and a few more great tips in this blog post about fireworks photography.

Exposure Guide – Fireworks Photography Tips
Here are 5 great tips plus a few bonus recommendations from Exposure Guide. Tip #2 is our favorite.

BobAtkins.com – Fireworks Photography
This article answers a few essential questions when it comes to fireworks photography. Which camera? Which lens? Camera settings? & When to shoot? The tips are simple and help you understand how to capture a great photo.

DIY Photography – Our Best Tips for Photographing Fireworks
Jeff Guyer goes through some of the best tips for capturing the best fireworks pictures. There are a few unique ones that make this an essential read.

Geoff Lawrence – Steps to Photographing Fireworks Successfully
This helpful article starts with a few simple steps to capturing a good picture then has a second part that deals with processing your fireworks photos in Photoshop.

Photo Tips – How To Shoot Fireworks
This is a 10 minute excerpt of the Photo Tips podcast on how to shoot fireworks. The link takes you to a YouTube video that has accumulated over 300,000 views, so it must be helpful.