How To Create an Online Portfolio in Minutes

The great guys over at have created an amazing series of videos that will show you how to quickly create an online portfolio using Bluehost, WordPress and Theme Trust.

They do a great job of explaining, in an easy to understand way, how to go from nothing to a working portfolio website in a short amount of time. Make sure and check out all of the art of photography podcasts here.

Build a Photography Website in 5 Minutes

Links: Bluehost

Setting Up a Photography Portfolio in WordPress

Building a Portfolio Project in Wordpess with Themetrust

Links:Theme Trust

Photography Portfolio in WordPress – Tips and Essential Plugins


  1. Ziad Hilal says

    There are also some great online portfolio hosting solutions that let you setup free online portfolios in minutes. With that route you won’t have to worry about hosting, setting up wordpress, finding a theme, etc. For example, check out Sliding Boxes, very clean and modern portfolios.

  2. says

    I see the “Hero” theme is not offered any more through Elegant Themes but is offered for free from Word Press. I am wondering if it still has the same flexibility as described in your videos? Thank you so much for doing these. They have really helped me decide which way I want to go for a web site. If you look at my blog, I could use some help getting it right and converting it over to a full blown web site. I also have a SmugMug Pro account which I want to get rid of because of the expense. Can I put an ecommerce page on the Hero site or would you reccomend a different on for a simple pricing chart of my images?

    • Bill Jones says


      The “Hero” theme described in the videos above is created and sold by Theme Trust not elegant themes.

      I don’t think this theme in particular handles eCommerce but you could a third party site handle that sort of thing and just link to it from your portfolio.

  3. says

    Thanks for the answer Bill. I encountered another problem in which the two themes I purchased from Theme Trust will not load into where my blog is. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can load them and use them for my web page build?

    • Bill Jones says

      You can’t use themes like that on You can only use their built-in themes. To use the hero theme you would have to have wordpress installed on your own host like Bluehost.

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