14 Superb Portfolio and Photoblog WordPress Themes (Free)

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Here are 14 portfolio and photoblog wordpress themes you can use to show off your latest images. These themes are all very professional and dont distract from your photography. For more great themes make sure and also check these premium wordpress themes.





WP Foto
WP Foto










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73 Responses

  1. Lalynn says:

    Beautiful! I am thinking that I could use one of these type of themes to showcase my menus. Worth thinking about.

  2. Prasad says:

    Excellent themes

  3. armando says:

    wow, great themes!!

  4. Luis Lopez says:

    wow the press 75 folio theme is my favorite, really superb, keep going guys ;)

    Greetings from Mexico.

  5. Tim O'Brien says:

    Any suggestions for WP theme that does photographs (drawn form flickr) and articles together?

  6. Abdussalam says:

    Wow…Nice selection!! Love them
    Here is a collection of free Corporate WordPress themes:

  7. THX for putting them all together in one place :-)

  8. Hey Guys.

    I’ve got a great photography and art based wordpress theme for you!
    Crisp Gallery: http://ethemes.elliotcondon.com/crisp-gallery/


  9. Nice Selection, helped me to build one of my own.!

  10. Onur says:

    Nice Selection, helped me to build one of my own.!

  11. Michael says:

    Nice. I really like “Sharpfolio”.

    Thank you

  12. Other free option for portfolios is WPESP: WordPress Portfolio Theme

  13. Evelina says:

    Hey. Thank you for this inspiration.

  14. Inger says:

    Amazing list of themes.

  15. laiptai says:

    Cool themes! Gonna try some of them on my wp site.

  16. thank you very much for your sharing. really nice themes.

  17. nelli says:

    can’t get them to load – say they need are lacking stuff

  18. ConPanna says:

    Thanks, there some very nice ones

  19. Was wondering if there was any wordpress photo portfolio similar to links below.


    After extensive search on the web i was only able to find this site which offer a theme similar to what i would like :


    That theme is for sale but i am unable to purchase it due to a glitch on their website (my unsuccessful attempt to contact them is a long story in itself).

  20. paul Allain says:

    I can’t find Folio Elements it seems not to be free anymore or not the right link. Can you change it ? Thank you.

  21. paul Allain says:

    Link to linquist doesn’t work !!!

  22. paul Allain says:

    Ascari is not free !!!

  23. paul Allain says:

    I think you should Update this post !!!

  24. Bill Jones says:


  25. James Felis says:

    This is a great list of free gallery style wordpress themes.
    Thanks for the info and keep up the good work!

  26. EMIGDE says:

    hi!! Cool themes!

  27. Syed Taha says:

    excellent themes. i am going to use one of these for my next artistic sketch blog. thanks

  28. HautStyle says:

    Some pretty cool themes here! I’m after something like http://www.pinterest.com in a theme. Does anyone know where I could find that?

  29. Great themes. I had actually downloaded viewport once, but later ended up getting a subscription at GraphPaperPress and using there themes.

  30. I’m not to fond of these themes. I’ve tried a lot of different themes (graph paper press, photoshelter, dripbook..) but none of them are complete.

  31. if you opened the themes with Firefox, push right and choose view page source. sometimes they did not hide the info for the themes their using

  32. Very good themes! Thank you.

  33. AJ Clarke says:

    Nice list of portfolio and photo themes. I would also recommend the following theme – http://www.wpexplorer.com/myphoto-wordpress-theme.html – it is very clean and elegant, perfect for photo galleries.

  34. Dessign says:

    Great Themes, with all those themes being free..There should not be any excuses not to have amazing portfolio,


  35. yuliang says:

    great themes. i’ve been looking for alternatives for quite some time

  36. jaka says:

    so great theme, very amazing

  37. DRG says:

    Nice collection…!!! loved it..!!! Thanks a lot..!!!

  38. Seslisehir says:

    Some pretty cool themes here! I’m after something like http://www.mysesli.de in a theme. Does anyone know where I could find that?

  39. Adam Haworth says:

    Some really good themes, thanks for sharing. I will definitely be making use of them :D

  40. Nico Julius says:

    great list, I was looking for some great themes for a photoblog, this will do it! thanx!

  41. john says:

    nice collection of themes. thanks. i have picked up the best one for me.

  42. wow amazing themes thanks for posting it here thank you

  43. Cooool list of themes :)
    I was looking for something like this … short and sweet :D and very helpful
    Thanx :)

  44. Joe says:

    nice selection! I wish there were more with e-commerce :(

  45. Jim says:

    Thank you for these collection sire, I hope they are seo ready themes.

  46. I can’t find Folio Elements it seems not to be free anymore or not the right link. Can you change it ? Thank you.

  47. Pedro says:

    I’ve also developed some free WordPress photography themes for the fellow photographer. :)
    You can check them out at:

  48. dessign says:

    It would be great if you could add Photographer Free WordPress Theme I released not too long ago…


    Thank you

  49. Katja Nina says:

    Thanks for sharing this list, saves me time searching…

  50. Great selection of themes. Makes it even harder for me to choose one though!

  51. Unfortunately, quite a few of these are no longer available for free.

  52. ayan says:

    thanks alot really nice themes

  53. Lots of themes I never saw before. Thanks for this great post!

  54. Hafis says:

    Thanks. Great wp themes..

  55. Great list! I bookmarked 3 of them!

  56. Cindy says:

    Thanks for these beautiful themes.

  57. erfrf says:

    wow grt templates

  58. Jenny says:

    The Grace Theme is awesome! Being a sentimental person I love themes with children, family and so on. For my blog I used the Brittania theme from the oQey Themes. The oQey Team’s themes are more sensitive and these are great for posting photos from your wedding or other type of celebration. If you are a person like me, you can take a look at them, I am sure you’ll like them.

  59. Aslam says:

    nice collection, but not awesome

  60. LC says:

    these are not FREE?

  61. Ken says:

    Scroll template is not free! $49

  62. Most themes links are 404 errors or now commercial theme

  63. Ansh says:

    I like reflection theme. It seems great..

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