14 Must Have Apps for the iPhone Photographer

The iPhone is great for a number of reasons and one of those reasons is it’s camera. Obviously it does have its limitations and can’t be compared to anything other than camera phones. However, when comparing quality, features, easy of use, and photo management, it’s really at the top of its class.

One other reason the iPhone stands out is its apps and more specifically its photography apps. With these apps you can shoot and process all from within your iPhone.

I have handpicked what I think every iPhone photographer should have installed to really help you get creative and have some fun.

Camera Bag
iPhone Photographer

iPhone Photographer

Artist’s Touch
iPhone Photographer

Quad Camera – Multi shot
iPhone Photographer

Toy Camera
iPhone Photographer

iPhone Photographer

Color Splash
iPhone Photographer

iPhone Photographer

Photo FX
iPhone Photographer

Vintage B&W, Vintage Green, Vintage Red
iPhone Photographer
iPhone Photographer
iPhone Photographer

iPhone Photographer

iPhone Photographer

We would love to here about your favorite iPhone photography apps. Leave a comment and let us know.


  1. fredrik ampler says

    I was hoping to find an “expensive SLR with a 70mm f1.8 emulator”, a portrait mode that will blur background and foreground. That would enable us to take stunning portraits where the person stands out. It would only work on the 3GS with autofocus (to figure out what’s actually background/foreground). Maybe this ships with the 3GS, anybody know?

  2. says

    Not sure that all of these are ‘must have’, but I absolutely love several of them including Camera Bag, Tilt Shift, and Toy Camera.
    Thanks for the post. Tweeting and following now! Cheers!

  3. says

    Personally the iPhone’s camera will never make the grade, it’s handy but I would never put that much effort into using it as an addition to my existing kit. However, anyone who maybe interested in an iPhone app that may actually be of use to the more decerning photographer try PhotoBuddy!

  4. says

    Nice list of apps. CameraBag is on the top of my list. This month put a couple of iPhone images in my gallery and asked a couple of people to point those out… in all instances they got it incorrect.

    Yes still use the Nikon for my work, but the iPhone brings something else into the fold.

  5. says

    Hipstamatic is my absolute favourite right now – great vintage instamatic look. Also Photoshop.com Mobile is fantastic for applying simple but great adjustments ala Photoshop.

  6. Marion says

    DashofColor is pretty neat. turns the print black and white and then allows you to draw in the color.

  7. Tom says

    Best app Ive ever seen to showcase photos is Amoveo, it just came out, and would appreciate you reviewing it…

  8. richard says

    Good list. But I always start with the basic PS Express (Adobe Photoshop) app. I find it’s still the best to deal with when starting. Personally, I didn’t find much success with Tilt Shift Generator. I found an unusual one that does the same kind of thing only better, in my opinion. It’s called Yummy Cam and was designed to make your food pics look better…but it works well on humans, too. I also use Pixlormatic as a filter app. It’s okay, but I’m not in love with it.

    If you’re looking for good comic making apps, I found that if you run the photo through PS Express, turn it B&W, turn up the contrast, then run it through a little-know app called “toonPAINT” then through “Halftone” (which to me is the absolute best comic creator app…though it still has some limitations) you can make some pretty good comic strips.

    Hope that helps and happy pic shooting!

  9. Shetalyn says

    Instagram. It’s very simple and let’s u share your pictures with people around the world and you can see other peoples images :)

  10. AStringham says

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll surely look at some of the apps you’ve recommended. especially camera bag and Tiltshift. You might wanna try Snap-A-Note. It has a built-in mailing system that allows you to send the pictures you take in your inbox for later editing. Keep on shooting!

  11. Jeff says

    I would add to the list Posing App htt://posingapp.com This one teaches you to take photos before edit, in contrast to others :)

  12. says

    iZoner turns your iPhone into a exposure metering piece of equipment.
    Beside exposure, also color and contrast are evaluated.

    Now new version with real-time color histogram and hi/low tracking

  13. says

    Hey all. My fav’e apps for shooting on the iphone are Pro Camera (lets you select focus point and exposure indipendantly) 645 Pro gives very high detail but is a little twitchy without a tripod or sturdy shooting suport. Hipstamatic will always have a place in my heart :-) and HDR Pro. Snapseed is my ‘goto’ first basic editing app. It’s a little pricy at about £4 but it’s quite amazing what it can do. It also has a TiltShift section, so that saves on buying the TiltShift app :-) AutoStitch is an awesome panoramic app and finish off with ReTouch (may be Touch-ReTouch) a real must have to remove unwanted blemishes such as telegraph wires across a sky. Once I even removed about 20 people from a scene infront of a Roman amphitheater :-)
    If you want to see what can be done with these few apps check out my Flickr page (cheeky I know) flickr.com/photos/curlyphil/

  14. scarlet daniels says

    hey what i love pastel filter, do you know the best apps with the best pastel filter? thx

  15. says

    Does anyone know if there is an app that takes portraits where you can have the second image in a brandy glass. I remember those when I was growing up.

  16. richard says

    For editing photos or adding special effects like filters, try Photosplashfx Editor app. This app is one of my favorites for photo-tweaking thanks
    to its straightforward interface and powerful effects.The app’s
    interface has been improved to align with iOS 7’s clean, simple look.
    A few improvements have made it easier to use,The inclusion of free new effects packs is also a great touch.This app comes with all basic and advanced features with great user interface for entry level and advanced users

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