11 Outstanding Sites That Will Improve Your Photography

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The mission of this site is to provide photographers with information and inspiration that will help improve their skills and inspire to create more interesting photography. I have listed 10 other sites that I have found to also be very helpful. They contain tons of information that will get you on the right path and help you take your photography to the next level.

Epic Edits

Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography

Digital Photography School

Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography

Joe McNally Photography

Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography


Sites That Will Improve your Photography

Let us know your favorite site.

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18 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    Also in the list www. “getOutAndTakeSomePictures” .com

    Ha just kidding, when I saw this post tweeted about I immediately read it great post. I would like to see sites where I can participate in Photography projects.

  2. Jo Smith says:

    Great resource! Thanks for the twitter post of this


  3. Kelly says:

    KenRockwell.com is a great source as well!

  4. nattfodd says:

    http://www.1x.com is a great website for inspiration that should definitely make your list.

  5. mimizor says:

    awesome site, thanks for posting, although experience counts a lot in transposing what you see, having sites like these as inspiration is always a plus, keep em coming

  6. Seshu says:

    You missed David duChemin’s Pixelated Image Blog – http://www.pixelatedimage.com/blog/

    Also, Don Giannatti’s Lighting Essentials is terrific – http://www.lighting-essentials.com/

    The other options above are all right on the money. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Must add “The Mindful Eye” – http://www.tmelive.com/ – to this list as well. Previously published daliy critique on the Radiant Vista website is now Craig Tanner’s personal photography resource online. AMAZING amounts of GREAT knowledge for free!

  8. I am interested in engaging with other photographers who specialize in wedding photography. Of course I work on other types of projects but my forte is weddings. I can be reached via my Contact Us page on my website

  9. Thanks for sharing this content with us! I will definitely be needing this kind of informations if I am to become more than an amateur photographer. I hope you upload your blog constantly as I`m looking forward in reading more about this topic.

  10. Great post, even if you did not mention some others great photo sites.

  11. Eva says:

    Some sites here I wasn’t aware off, but I am missing some of my favorites

    All Day I Dream About Photography http://www.adidap.com
    Your Photo Tips http://www.yourphototips.com/

    Are a must add to the list for me

  12. Gary says:

    I like the strobist site, and I don’t know why i like it maybe because of the color, gray! Though it looks like sad, but there is a deeper meaning for that site. That is only my perception.

  13. ShoShots says:

    Great sites

    Check TheyShootin.com

    some kool stuff there

  14. Jakey says:

    Great suggestions, I also hopped over to your page about candid shots – very helpful!

  15. Craig Smith says:

    Great site for photography…but I think maybe they need to find some sites that will make their websites better. haha some of those site designs could use some work.

  16. Ian says:

    Michael Reichmann’s http://luminous-landscape.com/ is well worth checking out

  17. Toad Hollow Photography says:

    One of my favourite online resources is definitely Light Stalking, they are at http://www.lightstalking.com

  18. DPSchool is good. I like the forum. I find nice DIY projects there that I try at home and I learn a lot from it.

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